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How to create an ideal Koi fish pond

Updated on August 14, 2011

There are many hobbyists around the world who keep Japanese koi. There are many reasons behind this wonderful hobby which is why koi fish is highly prized by its owners. However, breeding Japanese koi fish entails a lot of patience, dedication and even expenses. For one, Koi fishes are really expensive specially when you choose stocks with nice patterns on their bodies. Second, they need a big space such as a pond so they can grow into their fullest size up to 2 meters in length. Similarly, keeping koi fishes are for long-term since they live longer than a person. Majority of koi fishes can be fed in your own hand which makes them really tame pets. So if you are thinking of buying koi fish, here are some tips on how to make a good Koi fish pond:

1. Make a very natural environment for your koi fish pond. Koi fishes live happily in an environment that's similar to natural bodies of water. Normally, koi fish pond must be large enough to hold varities of koi fishes. Each fish can grow by as much as 36 inches and its growth is highly influenced by the size of the koi fish pond. A bigger pond can allow a lot of fish and give enough oxygen and space for swimming around.It is not preferable to use swimming pool as koi fish pond , instead a pond made out of clay or cement works well. The deeper the pond, the better it is for koi fish since they are protected from predators.

2. Good filtration system must be in place.Choose bigger pumps and high quality filters that can efficiently clean the water. There’s a probability that the koi pond to turn green because of algae but that is beneficial for koi fish. An efficient filtration system can maintain clean water so the fish would not die of poison from decomposing waste.

3. Carefully select the plants that you would place in a koi fish pond. Seek the advice of other hobbyists on what kind of plants should be placed on ponds. Remember that some plants can be harmful for koi since they always nibble leaves.

Having an ideal koi fish pond is hassle free, all that is required is a large space and good filtration system.

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