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How to cure your dog of Coprophagia - Eating Its Own Poo

Updated on March 28, 2010


Coprophagia spaniel
Coprophagia spaniel

If your dogs eating its own poo

Your dog has started eating its own excrement, and you want to stop it.

Why would you want to? It will save you lots of money!

Ok seiously, if you dog is suffering from Coprophagia then there is a chance that when they first done the toilet, they where so frightned from their punishment, that they eat it now.

You can use variety of methods including:

Dog tablets that make its turds taste even worse than what they probably do already.

This can easily put the dog off eating his own poo.

If you want to try something a bit more guaranteed, then use a fire cracker.

If the dog does the toilet, make sure you are out of site, and put a banger in and light it.
Make sure the dog is within viewing distance of the turd, and can see what happens.

This idea is best tried outside.

Also i have head that a pineapple helps too.

Who wouldn't rather eat pineapple than shit?

Coprophagia tablets online


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