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How to discipline a dog

Updated on June 14, 2009

Who wouldn’t want a dog that can perform a number of tricks? Not only will the owner be proud of owning the dog but being able to teach the dog tricks is an accomplishment that not all pet owners can do. However, tricks can be considered as the icing on the cake. What is more important is training and disciplining the dog to be the ideal well behaved pet.

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Understanding the nature of the dog

Dogs are dogs and they have the propensity to behave in an obnoxious manner. Recognizing the nature of the dog, an owner may make allowances for the undesirable behavior of the pet. Dogs though are intelligent creatures. Dogs fairly understand what the human family says. It understands the body movements of its master. Even from the tone of voice, the dog will know if the master is angry, happy or just being patient. However, an untrained dog should not be expected to know the difference between a rawhide and an expensive shoe. Unless the dog is potty trained, it should not be expected that accidents will never happen inside the house. What it boils down to is the fact that a dog needs to be disciplined to have the desirable behavior of an ideal pet. Obedience training is challenging especially for first time dog owners. Even with the help of how-to books, of videos and articles in the internet, obedience training is still considered to be a big hurdle.

Physical Punishment for the dog

A dog that lunges and topples a guest must be physically stopped. Kicking or smacking the dog for this bad behavior is not a wise thing to do. Violence can either make the dog shy or aggressive. A dog that is usually physically punished for bad behavior will refuse to obey the commands of the master. Worst, the presence of the human will be associated with the mistreatment and would make the dog violent to defend itself.

Disciplining the dog using positive reinforcement

Dogs greet the family by jumping at them. The dog may be friendly but jumping on people is an unwanted behavior. Refrain from punishing the dog. Ignore it completely and when it settles down and greets you calmly then praise the dog and offer a treat. The dog will know that it has pleased the master by being calm. Because of the praise and the reward it is most likely that the dog will behave in the same manner again. Positive reinforcement in the form of toys, food and praise will entice the dog to do the desired behavior in the hope of receiving a reward.  Obedience training is necessary to make the dog obey the commands and follow the rules of the master. A dog has to be disciplined to prevent the development of unwanted behaviors.

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