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How to get a dog to stop barking?

Updated on June 26, 2009

All dogs bark…except for a Basenji that yodels and wails. Barking is a normal behavior of a dog but it would never do to tell your irate neighbor to stuff his ears with cotton balls. It would be against the nature of the dog to stay completely quiet as a dog barks at the slightest sound, at the swaying of the leaves on the tree and even at a scene on the TV set. An incessantly barking dog would really be annoying. Perhaps you are being patient with the dog as it is your pet but whether you admit it or not, excessive barking is irritating. No one wants to live beside the owner of an excessively barking dog.

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We know that dogs bark but why are some excessive barkers? A dog barks to communicate…with other dogs, with other animals and with humans. Have you ever considered the reason why your dog barks incessantly? The dog may be barking because it wants to go out to do its business. The barking may be the dog’s way of attracting your attention because it wants to have the water bowl filled or because it is uncomfortable. Dogs that form a strong bond with it people suffers from separation anxiety when left alone for most of the day. The dog knows that when it barks it would get your attention. Dogs are highly energetic creatures. Most breeds would have high exercise requirements. A dog that is confined in a kennel in the yard would have no opportunity to expend its excess energies. The dog in these cases would be destructive and manifest its boredom through incessant barking.  You can stop your dog from barking simply by knowing what they need. Attend to the needs of the dog. You can take the dog for a walk before you go to work. The activity is hoped to tire the dog so that it would sleep most of the time when it is alone in the house. Another option is to leave the dog toys it can play with to prevent the dog from being bored. If it is possible to have another dog in the household, get one. The dogs will provide each other company.

A dog can bark for no apparent reason. This time, the dog’s barking is a behavioral concern. Socialization and obedience training can be the solution to this problem. Consider introducing the dog to your neighbors and to your neighbor’s pets. Obedience training must be done consistently but avoid punishing the dog. Quiet! No Barking!...when said repeatedly every time the dog barks, will eventually be understood by the dog.

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