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How to get rid of dog breath?

Updated on May 9, 2011

It’s true…dogs have bad breaths too! This STENCH that is a big turn-off for humans plagued our furry friends as well. We do so love our dogs. These loyal and affectionate animals have provided the family with lots of love and protection. Dogs are one of the most pampered pets. These animals are very well cared for. They go wherever the master goes. They are allowed to share our beds. They are kissed and cuddled and they are allowed to give us sloppy kisses. But a dog with bad breath can be off-putting. Dogs pant and when they do you will be constantly subjected to the foul smell.

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Why do dogs get bad breath? A dog may not have the sweetest breath given that they have the propensity to raid trash cans and to gnaw and eat non-edible things. Moreover, care for the dog is usually centered on brushing the coat. Cleaning the dog’s teeth is often forgotten. Bad breath is often the result of poor hygiene. Bad breath can also be an indication that the dog is not in the best of health. A dog’s bad breath can be due to a gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease, sinus infection and mouth tumors. A foreign object stuck between the teeth may cause inflammation on the tissue around the teeth. But the most common cause of bad breath is abscessed or decayed tooth.

If we don’t brush our teeth for a few days for sure we would see the people we talk with cover their nose.  Pretty much the same thing happens to our dogs. The dog’s bad breath can be easily addressed with regular teeth brushing. If your dog would not be cooperative if you use a doggie toothbrush you can use a rubber capped finger brush instead. The finger brush is more effective in cleaning hard to reach areas. But when you brush your dog’s teeth don’t use human toothpaste. Use an enzyme based toothpaste instead. Some dog diet can quickly build up plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar can make the pet’s breath really bad. Consider changing the diet of the dog. Rope toys and rawhides can act as floss that can clean the dog’s teeth. Give the dog dental chews as they are effective in maintaining oral hygiene. However, if in spite of these measures, the dogs still has a persistent bad breath it would be time to take the dog to a vet as the bad breath can be an indication of a serious medical concern.

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