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How to get rid of dog dander?

Updated on January 12, 2009

You’ve had your pet for years. The dog is really an affectionate and loyal one. But you discovered that you intended is allergic to dog dander. Which one would you ditch, the dog or the boyfriend? The dog need not be separated from you. According to statistics, almost 40% of US households have dogs. This means that dog dander is everywhere. The boyfriend will still suffer from allergic reactions to dander whether you remove the pet from your home or not. The best solution is to learn how to manage dander allergies.

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Dog allergies

Cat allergies are more common than dog allergies. There is a common notion that the cat’s and dog’s hair causes the allergic reaction. It is actually the cat and dog dander that causes the allergic reactions. Dog dander are dead skin flakes that gets airborne, flies everywhere and gets attached to the carpet, to the drapers to the furniture and just about any where inside the house. The good news about this type of allergy is that it would take several exposures before the allergic reaction will be triggered. However, there is a bad side too. The allergens will stay in the atmosphere for months. This is why it is necessary to know how the situation can be managed.

Removing the pet

This means finding another home for the pet. This is the least appealing solution especially if you are too attached to the pet.

Allergen immunotherapy

These are allergy shots given by an allergist aimed to desensitize the reaction to allergens. These shots are usually tapered off and can even be stopped over time

Controlling the dander in the environment

This means getting rid of the dander catchers in the home. Washable flooring is more suitable for a person with dander allergies rather than carpets and rugs. Air cleaners can be installed as these will effectively remove dander from the air.

Controlling the dander allergens of the dog

The trick here is to remove the dander as soon as it gets off the skin of the dog. How? By frequent bathing! Some dog experts won’t agree to this solution as it is believed that too frequent bathing makes the skin of the dog dry therefore more dander will be produced. However, if a special shampoo and cool water is used instead of warm, bathing the dog several times a week is possible. However, the dog must be rinsed thoroughly. Anti allergy spray sprayed on the dog will get rid of dander allergens. Add fatty acid supplement to the dog’s diet to promote healthier skin.


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