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How to get rid of dog odor?

Updated on January 15, 2009

Dog ownership entails more than making sure that enough food is given to the dog. Once you have decided to have a pet dog it means that you are ready to provide for the dog’ exercise needs as well as ready to scoop the dog’s poop. Hygiene of the dog must be ensured not only for the dog’s benefit but yours as well. 

Most dogs have doggie smells but some would have really obnoxious odors. A dog’s foul odor can be quite a serious concern especially if the abhorrent odor will linger in the car long after the dog is gone. This odor will fill the house; cling to the carpet and to the couch where the dog usually lies. Even newly laundered clothes will not be spared. There are actually several reasons for the dog’s foul odor.

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Poor hygiene

Dogs don’t need to be bathed very often as this will remove the weather proofing of the coat. However, some owners may have taken this dictum too far. The pet may not be bathed in months. In this case the foul odor of the dog is expected.

The dog’s fondness for smelly things

Dogs have this unexplainable fondness to roll in anything that has abhorrent smells. Dog experts believe that this behavior of the dog is again inherited from its ancestors. The foul odor is used as camouflaged to avoid predators.

A medical condition

The dog’s foul odor can be due to a medical condition. Kidney troubles, diabetes, ear infection would make the dog smell bad.

An impacted anal gland

Anal gland secretion really smells awful. If the anal gland is impacted, the dog would have an abhorrent smell, one that no amount of cleaning or bathing will be able to remove.

Getting rid of the doggie odors

Groom the dog regularly. Remove dried dirt and feces that clings to the dog’s fur. Nothing beats warm water and mild dog shampoo to make the dog sweet smelling, that is if the cause of the odor is plain and ordinary dirt.

Some medical conditions can give the dog canine halitosis. The pet must be taken to a vet as soon as possible for the necessary treatment. Apart from the horrible smell, an impacted anal gland would make the dog scoot because it is extremely uncomfortable. Impacted anal gland must be expressed. Ask a groomer or a vet to excrete the thick anal gland secretion if you can not do it yourself.


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