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How to Give Medicine Orally to Your Bunny Rabbit

Updated on June 10, 2020
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Knows what it's like to have a sick pet and how stressful it can be for you and your pet.

Treating a sick Rabbit
Treating a sick Rabbit | Source

Every type of pet owner at some times in their life is going to have to give medicine to their pet. If it's the case you have to give them pills, you can usually disguise them in the food for the length of time they have to take the prescription.

But what if your pet is to small for pills, or if the only method of medicine available is in liquid form, then it becomes a little bit trickier. Have you ever tried to give your pet a syringe of medicine orally?

The task of giving your pet medicine orally is quite tricky, and does take practise but practise does make you proficient.


Time and patience is the key here. Don't rush yourself.

Items You Need

  • Towel
  • Syringe
  • Medicine
  • Damp cloth
  • Treat

Giving Oral Medicine To A Rabbit

Here is a step by step guide on how to give medicine orally to a bunny rabbit.

Step 1

Pets are very intelligent and know when you are doing something unusual. When you have to give your rabbit medicine orally, it is vital to not make them aware of it.

Try to keep their daily routine as normal as possible. I advise giving the medicine outside their daily routine. This won't mess with their day. Try then to stick to this time each day.

The frequency of dispensing the medicine will be determined by the length of the prescription. If possible try to keep your pet unaware of what you are up to.

Too much attention on the lead up to the procedure will upset your pet and they will run away. If your pet is aware you are in the process of giving them medicine, they will become upset and contrary. Also ask anyone else in the house to go to another room while giving the medicine to the rabbit.

Try to be discreet when you fill the syringe and do it out of sight. When you are approaching the rabbit, always keep the syringe behind your back as surprise is key.

Step 2

Once you have the medicine prepared, set the syringe on the counter and pick up the bunny rabbit very carefully.

You need to pick the rabbit up by putting your hands under their bottom and their side and neck. When you have a secure hold on them, give them a minute to relax and to reduce any stress. Some rabbits hate being held.

The rabbits instinct will be to fight you here and their claws will dig in to your top if they don't feel secure.

If you do not feel comfortable using this method, you might want to instead wrap them in a towel. See YouTube video below.

This might seem weird, but its works.

Step 3

With your right hand under the rabbits bottom and your left near their belly gently turn the rabbit over. You are moving your right hand in towards their back to do the twist.

The end result is that you are holding the rabbit like a baby. Their feet will be facing the ceiling.

You will notice that the front two paws will be moving up and down which is a reaction to the position.

The rabbit might tuck their head in under your arm which you should use to help administer the medicine.

Step 4

Now that you have the rabbit in position, you can give them their medicine.

With the rabbit's head secured between your chest and arm, you don't have to worry about the head moving.

Gently place the syringe in the mouth of the rabbit and push it very gently into the side of the mouth. Push a little bit of the medicine into its mouth and remove the syringe. Let the rabbit swallow this bit first.

You might have to give the rabbit 5ml or 10ml of medicine. But each time go slow and give yourself a few minutes to complete the task. Feed them the drops of the medicine very slowly.

You need to be gentle here, because if you shove it all in at once, you could choke your rabbit.

Step 5

Every time you give the rabbit a little bit of medicine, take a pause to let the rabbit swallow it. Repeat this process till the medicine is gone.

It shouldn't take you any more that 2-3 minutes in total to empty the syringe.

Now you need to turn the rabbit back over. Let it lie on your chest for a little bit and then place it on the ground.

Give them some affection after this and also some form of a treat for beingbso good.

What method do you rely on to give medicine to your pet?

See results

I personally used this method to administer medicine to my rabbit. My vet gave him the first dose and then he showed me how to pick him up and how to administer the medicine for the next 7 days. For new rabbit owners, it can be stressful but if your rabbit needs medicine, you need to do it.

Just be patience and careful.

If you go to 4:53 on this you tube video, you will see the correct way to hold the rabbit. I think you also need to say, view on You Tube, it doesn't seem to want to play directly on here.

© 2011 Sp Greaney


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