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How to give oral medicine to your bunny rabbit

Updated on March 3, 2014

If you have a bunny rabbit and the unfortunate thing happens where they get sick or hurt and they need to be given medicine, well then there's two things you should expect.

1. There not going to like it

2. You need to have a lot of patience

→ If you go to 4:53 on this you tube video, you will see the correct way to hold the rabbit. I think you also need to say, view on You Tube, it doesn't seem to want to play directly on here.

Here's my Story

A little while ago, my rabbit hurt his leg, so off we went to the vets. As it turned out it wasn't nothing too serious. His hip bone was a little bit loose from the socket. So he ended up getting medicine to help with the pain. Not only that but he would have to spend 3 weeks confined to his pen to help it mend. I knew that this was a recipe for moodiness. He's very active, love climbing the steps of the stairs and running around the couch in the sitting room. So this was going to be tough.

I was given instructions from the veterinarian on what was required.

Diagnoses: Pen rest, 7 days of medicine (oh joy) and no disturbances.

He was in pain, but as any rabbit owner know, rabbits don't make noise so they can't communicate to you if they are sore.

When it came to medicine time, let's say he made his feeling quite clear to me, no, don't touch me, don't pick me up and don't shove a syringe of nasty stuff down my mouth.

Happy Bunny
Happy Bunny | Source

So the drama begins ( 7 days of oral medicine)

So if you have to give a syringe of medicine to your rabbit twice a day, here's a step by step guide on how I did it.

Step 1

Don't let your bunny see you coming with the syringe. I swear they know when it's time to give them their medicine. I had to get sneaky when it came to medicine time. I started surprising him and I always made sure he never saw the syringe of medicine until it was time to go in his mouth.

Step 2

When you have to give medicine to a bunny rabbit it's tricky. You have to hold the bunny rabbit like a baby. If you want, you can wrap them in a towel. (SEE YOU TUBE VIDEO) Yes, I know this sounds bizarre, but it's the way you do it.

However I didn't use a towel, so here's how I did it. Pick your rabbit up and tuck their body into your chest. Their head will now be under your chin. So the next trick is trying to turn your rabbit over, so that you have their tummy facing the ceiling. You have to be very gentle here. There first reaction is to dig in with their nails and cling to your top.

Step 3

So now put your left hand over their back and under their tummy and push really hard but at the same time be gentle. Now with your right hand try turn your rabbit over. When you finally succeed at holding your rabbit like a baby, you will notice their two front paws will be moving up and down, this is just their bodies reaction to been in this position. Your rabbit might tuck their head under your arm which can work to your advantage when giving them the syringe.

Step 4

Finally you will have the rabbit in the position to give them their medicine. Since their head is now tucked in under your arm, you get the syringe and push it very gently into the side of their mouth and over the next few minutes feed them drops of the liquid very slowly. You need to be gentle here, because if you shove it all in at once, you could choke your rabbit.

Step 5

So give a little bit, stop, and repeat. It shouldn't take any more that 2-3 minutes in total to empty the syringe. When you are finished, reverse them back up to having them lying on your chest and hold them for a bit to let the know you are sorry. Also I advice making a fuss of them too, maybe give them a treat.

If like me you have to do this for a few days you will get better at it.

Bunny Medicine Time
Bunny Medicine Time | Source

© 2011 Sp Greaney


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