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How to give your dog a mohawk

Updated on April 30, 2011

The mohawk

Clipper work

This mohawk look is cute on a small dog that has a tuff personality such as a little pekingese, or the shih -tzu, but I do it a lot on standard poodles,Normally the request I get most often is to take the dog low with a 7F blade and leave bracelets on the ankles..It is a great look..and the kids love it..

A lot of people call this the Miami or a summer trim..I call it too cute!!

Assuming the body is taken care of at this point the dog should face you and I use a #10 blade or you could use what ever blade you use on the face but you must consider that closer then a # 10 will show skin.I like a good thick Mohawk and quite tall as should you like you can use gel and spike it pretty With the dog facing you just go one clipper width on the left side of the topknot area just above the ear from above the eye to the nape. Then do the right side the same. If you cannot use clippers or do not have them this entire mowhawk may be done with scissors following the same instructions .the clipper just gives a more finished look if one is proficient with clippers..otherwise you might want to do it the first time with scissors to set the pattern before braving the clippers..

Now all you have left is the center,You may shape this straight or with the contour of the head with scissors..I think it looks best to bring the Mohawk to a point right between the eyes just above the bridge of the nose and I use that as my guide to even the mohawk from the front to the back and then fluff up the mohawk with the comb and snip off any uneven hairs..

In the picture below I have taken the mohawk all the way down the back,just a variation so all my clients don't look the same..Have fun with it ...

I find I need the following items

a #10 blade


Poodle comb or metal comb


Styling gel( My preference is Pet silk Top Knot Gel)



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    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 7 years ago from southeast georgia

      Actually I have grown a schnauzers head area out and given them one as well..too cute..

      you can use spray color which only last a day..or regular doggy dye which must grow out..

      we did Clyde's ears pink for a cancer function one October, i used a semi-permanent,I had to shave it out about 7 months later

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 7 years ago from Deep South, USA

      That's just adorable, and--you're right--it needs a dog with a bit of attitude! I should think the cut requires a poodle's coarse and curly coat to make the topknot stand up so well (even with gel). Does the purple color wash out (like a rinse) or is it permanent till it wears off? Jaye