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Dog party ideas

Updated on December 7, 2008

How to have a great dog party


Man's best friend is no longer considered just a pet: more and more pet owners today consider dogs part of the family. With millions of dollars spent from veterinary care to collars,treats and costumes, it is not much of a surprise if dog owners now enjoy organizing dog parties for their canine's memorable events.

Dog parties are not only dog birthday parties but can be any special event that takes place in a dog's life such as important milestones as graduating from obedience school or puppy school, a new adoption or the first litter of puppies.

Whichever the occasion there are some general guidelines to follow to make the party a big success.

-What is a party with no cake? Special cakes can be ordered by a dog bakery that specializes in using only fresh healthy, ingredients with no preservatives or additives. The great plus? Many cakes are good and edible for humans too!


-If on the other hand you have good baking skills you can prepare yourself great treats and dog friendly cakes using simple ingredients directly from your pantry!

Common ingredients used are: molasses, peanut butter,eggs,honey,yogurt etc.

You can find many great recipes just simply doing a simple search on the Internet.

-Keep dog treats and human food on separate tables, you do not want your guests to end up eating turkey and liver treats and your dogs eating chocolate brownies which can be toxic to dogs!

-Think of size. You do not want to over invite because you need to realize how easily out of control the party can get with too many dogs and children around. Invite a manageable number of guests that fits your backyard.

-Keep plenty of plastic bags handy for accident pick up. Where there is food there is poop and sometimes even plenty of it!

-Dog parties are not complete if there are no hats, streamers and balloons for dogs and children to play with. However to keep the party animated there may be good old games for both dogs and the guests such as Frisbee, pinata, you can even organize a dog agility course!

-Many people like to have a themed party just as they do with children parties. However this needs some advanced organization since you will be involved with more items that need special preparation such as themed invitations, themed plates, napkins, cups etc. This may be more elaborate but it is mostly worth it since themed parties have a special appeal to guests.

- At last but not least, don't forget to thank your guests and give them a cute "doggy bag" full of treats for when they get home with a nice "thank you for coming" note. Your guests will be impressed and will look forward for your Rover's next special occasion!


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