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How to leash train your pet Capuchin, Marmoset, or Squirrel monkey

Updated on September 26, 2011
Little Sir Henry Ludwig at feeding time.
Little Sir Henry Ludwig at feeding time.

First of all I want to point out that primates are highly intelligent animals and thus they should be treated with respect. In owning any type of animal there is a certain level of responsibility and primates are not exempt to that, if anything they demand the most responsibility of all other pets. Since you've searched for this article I am going to assume you've seen the warnings everyone has been voicing and now i'm going to do the same. Monkeys are not toys, show animals, or objects to be caged they are members of a family and before you decide to allow them to join yours do your research. I will repeat this, Do Your Research. Most primates live a very long time, 40+ years so if you can't 100% with out a doubt make that commitment do everyone a favor and don't purchase a monkey. So with all that being said, me and Sir Ludwig are going to teach you how to leash train your monkey.

Leash training your new precious family member is extremely important and the sooner you introduce your monkey to it the better. The mistake most people make is to wait until the monkey is too old (around 4 months old) to start introducing new things and then they just expect the animal to be ok with it. Well, let me just save you a ton of time and monkey tantrums by saying you should introduce your monkey to leash training as soon as you receive your new addition.

Once you have finally introduced all the family to their new member and everyone is settled in this is the optimum time to begin training. Since your monkey should be about 2 months in age he or she will be sleeping nearly all the time just like a regular baby. This is the perfect time to introduce your monkey to its leash, while it is sleeping. That way it greatly reduces stress and they won't even realize they're being trained. So the type of leash that you want to use is going to be one similar to an iguana leash or even a guinea pig leash. Preferably not one that is made of leather (that will irritate your baby's skin) but one made of nylon. Try to find one that either has a slid up coil or a body wrapped harness that is completely adjustable these will work best since your monkey is so small. Never i repeat never try to introduce a monkey to a collar unless you know that your monkey trusts you completely because they will not respond well to a foreign object being tied around their necks.

Once you've found the perfect leash that suits both you and your baby what you'll want to do is like I stated earlier wait until your monkey is asleep. Then slide the open loop over the HEAD not the tail you don't want to accidentally wake your monkey and startle it, the point is for him to peacefully wake multiple times wearing it. So slide it over their head and depending on the type of leash secure it around the monkeys middle. Make sure you don't accidentally snag it's fur because that would also result in a very rude awakening which is not ideal. Once the leash is secured around it's middle section all you need to do at this point is wait until your baby wakes up. After it has awakened allow your monkey to move around while you hold the other end of the leash about 6 to 9 inches away. This way your monkey understands you're in control and it is not to leave your side. The purpose of using a leash is to keep your new family member from believing they own your house. You need to establish yourself as the pack leader and only allow them to be travel either on your body or someone who is trusted.

After your monkey has gotten used to waking with the leash and going through the morning routine with it on you can remove it. Since they are still so young they aren't going to try to escape you and you don't want to end up giving it a rash. So each time you place it on your monkey leave the leash on for longer periods each time until it will be old enough to need to use the leash consistently.

It is so important to start training early because not only do you need them to bond to you but you want them to understand you are in control and you determine what is acceptable and non acceptable behavior. Make sure not to force yourself on the monkey but be in control over time they will trust you and you will build the one of a kind bond that comes with owning one of these special creatures.


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    • Nspeel profile image

      Nspeel 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach

      I love exotic animals I have an iguana that you can leash train as well. Also 4 sugar gliders you can actually leash train. And of course my terriers for some reason they do amazing on a chain.