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How to look after a dog

Updated on July 9, 2010

A dog in a garden

A dog in a garden
A dog in a garden

How to look after a dog


What you will need;

  • A home for your dog
  • food
  • Water
  • A leash



  • A Kennel
  • A cctv camera to keep an eye on your dog



The home

The home for a dog can be of your choice, make sure the dog is comfortable with the home and that it is practical for everyday use.

People use their houses or they can buy a kennel for their dog both ways: the dog has a home. If the dog lives in your house, be prepared to look after your house even more as the dog with excrete and can ruin your floors with food and water and mud. If the dog lives in a kennel you have to look after the kennel to keep it in good condition and make sure it suits the dog for it's size.

If the dog is violent, you can use a leash to tether him to the kennel, in a house, you cannot do this.




The weather plays an important factor in the dog's and your life, if the dog lives in a kennel you have to make sure the dog is happy in the kennel and that the kennel is suitable for most if not all weather conditions.

Make sure the kennel is water proof and can survive windy blows if the kennel is not water proof of is drafty, the dog will not be happy and will be sad.

Make sure the dog is happy in cold conditions in it's kennel, try to put yourself in the dogs position and think to yourself: what would I want?




The food can vary from meat to small biscuit treats it depends on the dog, small dogs tend to eat small biscuits and the bigger dogs tend to eat bigger biscuits or meat. Don't overfeed your dog and assign meal times to train the dog.




This is the easiest part, just lay a bowl of fresh water on the floor for him everyday.




You may want to aquire health insurance for your pet incase it becomes ill or has a life threatening condition. Do NOT attempt to heal the dog yourself as you may be making it worse.

I hope this guide covers a brief but wide variety of knowlodge to help you understand how to look after a dog, thank you for reading.


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      tilly 6 years ago

      do you know any dog tricks