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How to make landlords happy when owning pets

Updated on July 3, 2009

With pets becoming more and more popular and like part of the family, it is a blessing when landlords allow pets in their rental units. Of course, this all comes with a price: costly deposits and eagle eye supervision to prevent damage to the house. Indeed, pets can do a lot of damage, just imagine what cat's claws can do and what a dog's teeth can do. Pet owners therefore, must demonstrate the ability to control their pet, take action to prevent damage and over all gain the landlord's trust.

There are several ways pet owners can ensure their pet is welcomed by a landlord. Of course, this takes some effort but tenants must always remember that they are in somebody elses' home and that therefore, they should work hard in keeping the home in the same state as when they moved in. Following are some tips on how owners can keep their pet on the right side of their landlord.

Dog Owners

-Keep Noises to a minimum

Dogs unfortunately have been equipped with a quite strong voice box and therefore, it can be easy for neighbors nearby to complain. It may be a difficult task to tell Rover to shush, especially when Rover barks and howls during his owner's absence. There are really not many solutions to this other than hiring a dog sitter to walk the dog and keep his mind elsewhere when the owner is absent or perhapsinvesting in an anti-bark collar.

-Minimize Digging

Dogs have a natural instinct to dig and armed with his claws and with a lot of passion, he may literally ruin a whole landscape turning it into something similar to what  one would see on planet Mars. Digging can be minimized by placing chicken wire under the dog's favorite digging areas, by burying the dog's feces under the soil, or by selecting an area designed only to be dug.

-Prevent chewing

Dogs can be pretty persistent chewers, in some cases, even chewing through drywalls and carpets. This chewing can be minimized by providing appropriate chew toys and by crating the dog when not supervised.

-Prevent scratches

Dogs alike cats have nails as well. While they are not sharp as a cat's claws they still can do extensive damage to the home. Groomersand veterinarians provide nail clips for a charge or owners can keep those nails nicely trimmed with products like Pedipaws.

-Keep Carpets Clean

Keeping a carpet immaculate may be difficult for pet owners. There may be vomit, pee and diarrhea to give the cleanest carpet some interesting hues. It is vital therefore, to have a properly house trained dog and to keep handy some effective carpet cleaners. 

Cat Owners

-Prevent Scratches

Every landlord appreciates owners with declawed cats. While this practice is not one of the nicest, if two tenants present an applicationfor tenancy and one has a clawed cat and the other a declawed one, the house will go to the one that put an extra effort by removing the nails. There are however, alternatives to declawing, frequent nail trims work well and new products such as ''SoftPaws'' can really make a difference.

-Reduce Meowing

While their voice boxes are not as prominent as dogs, cats can surely talk and even loud. A female in heat may be a nightmare and a male trying to get in contact with a female in heat may be equally disturbing, therefore, it is vital to get the cats spayed and neutered.  Cats that meow out of boredom should be provided with lots of toys, a window for bird watching and a tall place to see the world from the above.

-Minimize odors

The scent of a male cat's pee often can be smelled along the stairwells an can seep into the neighbor's homes. Owners should purchase a high quality litter that absorbs odors and ensures the home smells fresh. As in dogs, cats may contribute as well in turning carpets interestingly colored, therefore good carpet cleaning products are a must.

As seen, there is a lot owners can do to help keep rental units tidy and clean. W hile normal wear and tear is usually tolerated, owners should work a step ahead in maintaining the apartment or house in the same state it was the day it was rented. For everything else, hopefully that costly deposit will cover the extent of damage.


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    • advisor4qb profile image

      advisor4qb 8 years ago from On New Footing

      Bookmarking this! We are getting a dog!

    • melshomecorner profile image

      Melinda Winner 8 years ago from Mississippi

      very very helpful ! I have two dogs . I do not rent but I like to keep a nice house so this is also good tips for pet owners in general .