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How to make your dogs stop scratching furniture using training

Updated on February 4, 2012

What did i do about my dogs?

If you don’t know this, dogs are playful and curious animals. Whatever catches their attention they would do anything to occupy anything they see such as things liked toys, electrical wires, and even furniture. One thing that fascinates dogs about furniture is mainly the texture. Dogs might light how the furniture feels or they may not like it at all and start scratching everything off the furniture. They would scratch until the material inside the furniture is uncovered and out in the open. That’s how bad it is and they won’t stop until everything is ruined.

My dogs and their scratching

I have four dogs at home and all of them are Siberian huskies. The breed of Siberian huskies is a beautiful breed and I love my dogs to death and nothing could change that. The furniture scratching started when they were little puppies. Every time they were bored or didn't have anything to do, they would scratch any type of furniture they see. They would scratch wood, sofas, bed mattresses, and even pillows. They destroyed everything that was able to be starched in sight hated how they would tear everything apart with their teeth and results of this were horrible. To pay for the damages all of the money was coming out of my pocket and it had cost over one thousand dollars for me to fix all the damages. Every time I wasted money to fix things they would do it again so it was more and more money going to waste. Since things were going so wrong I decided to do something about it and make my dogs stop the scratching. It was getting really annoying and expensive so doing something about it was the best thing to do.

How did i make my dogs stop scratching

Making my dogs’ stop the scratching wasn't an easy thing to do. It took time and patience for me to complete this task and I wasn't going to quit until I did what I planned on doing which was to make my dogs stop scratching. Using the internet to find things out was one of my biggest helpers. I would find information on different things related to my problem. The most effective way of making your dogs stop was time out. This means that every time my dogs scratched I put them in a tight space which was a sign of punishment.

They would whimper in the corner but I would ignore them because I knew that was the best thing to do. Another technique I used was every time they scratched I rang a bell. This bell indicated them telling them to stop the bad behavior that they are doing. The bell trick was also very effective and my dogs eventually learned what the meaning of the bell was. Time to time my dogs my scratch but I rarely see them do it. I’m so glad that everything worked out and I hope it works out for you to.

There is also a good website and show called dogs 101 and it is very informative and helpful. It helped me with removing ticks on dogs and it told me about facts about dogs. you'll learn all about dogs just by using dogs 101. Also different breeds can respond to training in different ways.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      There is nothing u can do its just a fase hell stop aventually when hes tierd of u yelling at him and when he gets biger they all say hes just a puppy

    • rodlyalcide profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Miami, FL

      Thank you ThoughtSandwiches, my dogs also did the same thing to me that's why i took control and started training them so i wouldn't have to waste money all the time.

    • ThoughtSandwiches profile image


      6 years ago from Reno, Nevada


      I have a Great Pyrenees...and he exhibits this behavior. I learned this soon after getting him home from the shelter. He would take a mild dislike to whichever offending piece of furniture was there until he set on it with his teeth. I once came home to the entire stuffing being removed from my couch.

      Great hub. Welcome to Hubpages.



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