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How to name your dog

Updated on February 18, 2012

Sam is the number one choice for a dog’s name. Imagine if you have trained your dog to answer to that name and when you call your pet in a dog park, ten other dogs that range in breeds and sizes would come to you. Of course nothing is wrong with the name even if it fails the uniqueness and originality test. Although if you are an imaginative owner, you would choose a different name for your dog…a name that may not be one of a kind but one that is not common either. And most importantly, the name has to suit the behavior and the personality of the pet. You make consideration in choosing the right food, the right collar and toys for your pet. Therefore it follows that consideration has to be made in choosing the name of the pet. After all the name would stay with the dog as long as it lives.

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Importance of the name

The name gives the dog its own identity. You may call the dog “Dog” once in a while but giving the dog a name is making the dog your very own. The name enhances the bond between pet and owner. The name given to the pet reflects how it is valued by its owners. Moreover, the name can save the life of the dog. How will you call a dog to save it from an impending danger if it does not have a name?

A simple name

A unique name will surely make a dog standout. But for your convenience and for the pet’s as well a simple two syllable word is more suitable especially if the word ends with a vowel sound. Apart from the fact that the pet can easily adapt to the sound of its name, when you call the dog the sound will travel far thus it can be heard by the dog no matter where it is.

Names that confuses the dog

Choosing names that sounds like sit, fetch, go, and heel commands should be avoided lest it confuse the dog.

Be consistent with the name

Don’t be hasty in choosing a name for your pet. It is ideal to give a dog a name on the day it is taken to its new home but if the name is quickly chosen, it is most likely that it will be changed once a more appropriate name is found. Realize that the name of the dog is also a command. Changing the name will confuse the dog. Moreover, the whole family should stick to the chosen name and consistently call the dog with its name. Dogs learn easily but if it is called by a variety of names by the different members of the family, the dog will be confused.

How to name your dog

Teach Your Small Dog to Recognize Their Name


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