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How to paper train a dog

Updated on February 18, 2012

Housebreaking puppies must be started as soon as it is taken home. Puppies are bound to make accidents inside the house. Dog owners would know that cleaning messes created by a new dog is part and parcel of having a pet. Starting on the right foot is necessary to have an ideal and wonderful relationship with the dog.

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Understanding the nature of the dog

Dogs are intelligent creatures but they do not think the way we humans do. Some owners would punish a dog that has made an accident and soiled the carpet or the furniture. The dog, not understanding why the master is angry would relieve itself anywhere thinking that it will make the master happy.

Potty training

There are two methods you can use to potty train Fido. You can use either crate training or paper training. Crate training is teaching the dog to eliminate outside the house. This method is quite labor intensive as it would require you attend to the dog several times day. This means you have to take the dog out to do its business after it is let out of the crate and before going into the crate. Paper training is the easier method as it only entails you to place several layers of newspaper in a designated place and train the dog to eliminate in that area. This method however is suitable only for dog breeds that remain small.

Paper training Advantages

This method of potty training is most suitable for busy pet owners that do not have sufficient time to devote to the training of the dog. It is also a good choice for elderly or ailing pet owners as well as for those that live in high rise buildings.

How is paper training done?

The objective of this training method is to teach the dog to eliminate only on the layered newspaper in a designated area and not on any uncovered floor surface of the house. Puppies have limited bladder control. Older dogs would need to go potty about 30 minutes after eating, after waking up and before sleeping. During these times, the dog must be closely monitored. Dogs give signs when they are about to eliminate. They would sniff the ground and walk in circles. This would give you time to take the dog to the newspaper pile. After it has eliminated, praise the dog lavishly. It is hoped that the dog would eliminate in the same spot again because of its inherent desire to please the master. An important tip: Take advantage of the dog’s heightened sense of smell. To entice the dog to use the paper pile to eliminate, lightly soil a piece of paper with the dog’s urine and place it under the layers of newspapers. Dog like to go where they smell their own poop and pee.

How to House-Train a Puppy

Paper Training a Puppy


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