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How to prevent your pet from getting lost

Updated on October 3, 2012


Protect your pet the best that you can by doing some simple things to help locate your pet in the event that they go missing.

ID is important for a pet’s safe return home. Make sure these things are a part of your pets’ life.

  • Microchip your pet
  • Snug fitting (not tight) collar. There should be enough room to fit a coupe fingers in between the collar and the animal’s neck and not loose enough to slip off.
  • Identification tags. Include your address and phone number. You can also include Veterinary info, as well as micro chip ID number and company name. ID tags can be attached to your pet’s collar, leash, or harness. Ask me how you can get them for only $2.39 or less.
  • License your pet. Animals who are licensed can be traced back to you through their registered ID number.
  • Current photos are a necessity. Take pictures of your pet from many different angles to have on hand. Pets are members of the family and photos are important to have when they are missing.

We miss you, boy.
We miss you, boy.

Prevention keeps all involved safe and secure

Walk the neighborhood with your pet, and as you approach your home say "Let's go home" so that your pet knows where to go. Many times people (including me) will tell a wandering animal to go home.

Keep doors, windows, and other ways of escape closed so that they are not an option for pets that you do not want to access the outdoors. If you have an outdoor cat, be sure that their “door” is only large enough for them to use, keeping the indoor animals safe inside.

If you have a little escape artist in the family, leash or contain them when doors are open. You can work with your pets to help them understand that they are to stay inside until you let them out. This is not an easy one for some animals. Patience, firm gentle control, and consistency are key! Did I say consistency? EVERY time! Before you open a door or window, grab the dog’s leash, put the kitty in his crate or another room. Whatever it takes to keep your pet safe is worth it and it will get easier once the steps become a habit.

Tell your kids (and all members of the household) about the rules, teach them to follow them, make them a part of your routine and that’s what it will become…routine. If your child is old enough to have a pet, they are old enough to help care for them. This is also a way to show your pet that all of the humans are to be obeyed and respected.

If you have other things that you do to keep your pets safe, please share them. Use the comment section or contact me. ~ Thank you.


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    • Lea^ profile image

      Lea Smith 6 years ago

      @Denise ~ Love it when that happens!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi Lea-I just followed a story on television this w/e about a dog who had a microchip and was reunited with his owner. We have dog tags on our pet, but not the chip. Thanks for the important info. :)