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How to put on a dog harness?

Updated on December 21, 2009

Are you aware that you can make your dog’s walk less stressful for you and more enjoyable and healthier for the dog? Yes, this is possible if you do what other dog owners are doing. You can chuck out the old collar and leash and invest in a harness for your beloved dog. More and more owners are using harnesses for their pets but you may not be aware what a harness is. A harness is actually a set of straps that is adjusted to fit the torso of the dog. The harness can be made of cloth or soft leather. There are several types of harnesses but they work in the same principle – the strap is placed around and under the body of the dog to serve as body support and to better control the dog as well. Harnesses can be a dog owner’s best friend as this tool can be more effective in controlling the dog. Dogs are naturally exuberant. Notice how they would lunge when they are taken for a walk. The harness would be a much better option than a choke collar that hurts the dog when it tugs at the leash. It would be kinder on your arms too.

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Owners of dog breeds with thick necks but small heads would usually tighten the collar to prevent the dog from getting away but the collar usually cut into the neck of the pet. Harnesses would be a good alternative to single strap collars in this case. A harness would be a good choice for small breeds as it supports the body of the dog.

There are various types of harnesses. Some can be as simple as straps that have to be slipped over the dog’s head and legs and then adjusted to comfortably fit the torso of the dog. A harness can also be a piece of strap with two other straps that will be buckled around the neck as serve as the collar and the other adjustable strap will be bucked to encircle the chest. Some harnesses have special padding on the chest. These are usually used on toy dogs with collapsing trachea and other respiratory diseases. Leather harnesses with padding on the chest are commonly used on aggressive dogs like police dogs.

A customized harness will make the pet look good. Some owners have even invested on bejeweled harnesses for the pet. A dog sporting a posh harness would look fabulous and you would be a very proud owner. But make sure that the harness fits your pet comfortably. The test: two fingers should be easily inserted between the straps and the body of the dog.

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    • TheEpicJourney profile image

      TheEpicJourney 6 years ago from Fairfield, Ohio

      Great introductory article introducing people to harnesses. I use one made by ruffwear which I will be talking about in my hub on camping with dogs. The difference you and your dog feel when using a harnass compared to a collar when walking and running I think is pretty profound. I always feel so bad when I have to keep Zoe under control and her neck gets yanked or she is choking from straining at the collar. Love love love the harnass! I'm glad you wrote this article bringing it to light!