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How to register a dog

Updated on June 21, 2009

Why register?

We are a race of dog lovers. We sure are proud of these lovable furry friends. Notice how proud owners would take the dogs to most of the places they go to. People have different purposes for taking a dog. Some would have dogs for the companionship they offer. To some people dogs can be a source of livelihood. Others would raise dogs for sports and competitions. Purebred dog are generally registered to kennel clubs. Registration is not obligatory but if you are a breeder or if your want to breed in the future you would have to register your dog. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and pride of ownership if your dog is noticed by people but wouldn’t you be more proud if your dog is collecting blue ribbons? To be able to compete in kennel club events you have to provide a registration number. The registration number will keep track of your dog’s achievements. When you register your dog, you are helping the kennel club fund several important projects one of which is the research for canine diseases. The magazines, the handbook that gives you information about your breed and the complimentary vet visit that are given when you register your dog would just be an added attraction.

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Registration requirements

To be eligible for registration, the dam and the sire of the dog must not only be registered but also be of the same breed. The litter from where the dog was taken must be registered as well. American Kennel Club, the oldest and the most recognized kennel club requires a dog to be registered to have three generations of verified parentage.

The responsible breeder

A breeder may choose not to register the dogs but a responsible one would make sure that the dogs are registered. Registration will keep track of the health concerns of the dog. The breeder should register the litter and should be able to provide a puppy buyer with a Dog Registration Application. Most of the information in this application has to be provided by the owner of the litter.

The dog owner’s role

The owner may or may not register the dog. But if he does register, he would need to fill up the name of the dog, the payment option and affix his signature. Co-owners would also need to sign the application form. The registration option must also be chosen. The owner may choose full registration where the dog will be allowed to participate in kennel club competitions. This registration also allows registration of future offspring. If limited registration is chosen, the events where the dog can compete will be limited. The dog may have to be neutered or spayed as this registration does not allow breeding.

The Registration Certificate

A few weeks after the application is submitted and the registration fees are paid, the Registration Certificate will be mailed to the owner.

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