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How to remove Pet dander from the House

Updated on April 22, 2012

Get rid of pet dander from the house

Pets are wonderful creatures that bring endless joy to our lives. While most people prefer to have dogs as pets there may be challenges that come with owning a pet. One of the serious challenges that pose serious health risk is allergy caused by dog fur. Before you own a pet you should consider looking at some of the dog breeds that are regarded as hypo-allergic breeds since they are dogs that don’t shed. They minimize your chances of developing allergy that is commonly caused by the dog hair. It is now obvious that a reasonable percentage of the masses are predisposed to one allergy that is related to pets. It is in this regard I would like to highlight a few steps that you can take to eliminate or get rid of pet or dog dander from the house.

Eliminate Pet Dander from the House

Some of the tips outlined here on how to remove pet dander from the house may be pretty obvious but a careful and routinely follow will guarantee you success in the effort of getting rid of dog or pet dander from your house. Some of the measures that I have suggested here may be serious and may not be your way of life but I have conclusively observed these measures to be very useful in getting rid of pet or dog dander. Consider some of the following measures:

  1. Refrain from keeping pets if you are severely allergic to pet dander. - You should reconsider the decision of owning a dog or any other pet if you have been diagnosed to be allergic to pet dander. This will not only help you to stay away from the allergens but will greatly improve your health. You should consider other kids of pets like the reptiles or Amazon Parrots
  2. Alternatively if you cannot live without pets you should ensure you restrict the pet movement within the house to create an area that is completely free from dog or pet dander. Your bedroom should be the ideal place since you will spend considerable amount of time there and you are likely to get allergic reactions from beddings that have accumulated dog dander than any other place in the house.
  3. You can also create a room where the pet lives and spends most of the time and only allow limited access to the other parts of the house. This will help you eliminate dog or pet dander from all over the house.
  4. Select a dog that don’t shed or a dog breed that shed little. This is a serious decision that you should make when you are acquiring the pet. It may be overlooked because some dogs may be cute but if you are seriously allergic to dog hair a shedding dog may not be the best choice for you. You should also consider a breed that does not drool so much.
  5. A good air purifier and indoor dander cleaning detergent would be ideal to help you get rid of the dog or pet dander but ultimately the decision remain in the selection of the dog breed and the restriction of movement inside the house. A vacuum cleaner could also be very useful in your attempt to eliminate dog dander in the house.
  6. Good dog grooming with the best shampoos that will help to eliminate dog dander. If you cannot properly groom your pet and remove all the loose fur you should consider getting the services of a professional. You should always wash your pet to get rid of dog or pet dander from your house
  7. Behavior training and interacting of you and your dog should be carried outside, when you play with the dog indoor you increase the amount of pet dander in the air. You should try not to stir up your pet indoors if they shed a lot of hair or accumulated dander. This will be useful in contributing to your efforts of getting rid of dog or pet dander from your house.
  8. Keeping the litter box used by your pet in a well aerated place and away from the main house could be a good measure to get rid of dog or pet dander from your house.
  9. Consider getting dander proof coverings for your bedding and pillows you should also investigate before you move in to a house whether the previous tenant kept pets that had accumulated pet dander in the house.

Conclusion on how to get rid of pet dander in the house

These are some of the measures that you can take to remove pet dander from the house. The most important consideration should be in the selection of the dog breed. You should consider getting a dog that don’t shed since it will be the best choice to help you curb or remove any pet dander from your house, now and in the future.

Good Luck


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    • Better Yourself profile image

      Better Yourself 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      Great, great hub! Love all your info. I am allergic to dogs but have 4 of them. Thankfully over time my allergy to my own dogs has gotten better, but if I am around other dogs I get bad again. I couldn't not have my 4 and a few sniffles are worth it and we are careful about where we let them around the house to avoid shedding everywhere, vacuum/swiffer and keep them washed and groomed.


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