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How to remove dog dander?

Updated on June 24, 2009

Statistics tell us that about 70% of American households have dogs. This is how these animals are valued. Dogs are affectionate and loyal creatures. Their presence is kind of addicting and it would be very hard to part with one that has claimed your heart. But what would you do if the doctor tells you that the cause of your watery eyes, sneezing and wheezing is the beloved pet. Can you bear being parted from the dog or would you endure the headache, the fatigue the runny nose? Bear in mind that these allergic reactions can develop into asthma. If eliminating the dog is not an option, it would be necessary to know what causes the allergy in order to address this concern.

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Contrary to the popular belief that dog hair causes allergies it is actually dog dander that causes the allergic reactions. Dog dander is nothing but dead skin that gets airborne. Because of the sticky nature of these allergens it would stick to the curtains, to the furniture, to the carpet and to the atmosphere for months. It would take several exposures to the allergens before allergic reactions are felt. This means that even if the dog is removed from the environment, you will still suffer from allergic reactions. Given that you love the pet, getting rid of the dog would always be the last option. As long as you have a dog, dog dander will not be totally removed from your home. The good news is that it is possible to control dog dander in the environment.

Clean, clean, clean! Use the vacuum cleaner more often. It would be a good idea to remove dog dander catchers. Remove rugs and carpets. Washable floors are more suitable for people with dander allergies. Groom the dog daily to stimulate the production of natural oils thus preventing dry skin. Make sure to do the grooming outside the home. Change your clothes and carefully wash after each grooming session. Frequent bathing and using hot water is not recommended as it dries up the skin of the dog resulting to production of more dander. You may want to try using chemical anti-allergy sprays. Poor quality feeds can cause dry skin. Consider feeding the dog with premium quality feeds to ensure the healthy skin of the pet.

As mentioned dog dander can not be totally eliminated. You can improve your immune system instead of getting rid of the dog. Some owners try natural products and allergen immunotherapy. The allergy shots would desensitize you from allergens. You want your dog to be around but it would be a good idea to ban him from your bedroom.

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