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How to remove dog ear mites?

Updated on July 3, 2009

Ear mites are one of the parasites that infest both cats and dogs. These infectious organisms can hardly be seen by the naked eyes but if you look closely you will see microscopic white dots scurrying inside the ears of the dogs. These are very tiny pests and you can just imagine how uncomfortable it would be for the dog if thousand of ear mites are feeding on the ears. A dog infested by this parasite will scratch non-stop until the ears are raw and bleeding. When these parasites make their home inside the ear canal they feed on earwax and skin oils causing bacterial infections that if left untreated can rupture the eardrum and result to deafness.  Smelly discharge that looks like coffee grounds will be noticed on the affected ear. These are the feces and dried blood left behind by the ear mites.  

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Ear mite infestation, similar to other parasitic infestations will greatly affect the quality of the pet’s life. Ear mite infestation can result to seizures. Severe ear mite infestation can cause the dog to lose its sense of balance. When you see the dog repeatedly scratching and shaking the head, unable to walk in a straight line it is highly probable that the dog is infested with ear mites.

Fortunately, ear mite infestation is not hard to treat. Often times, the dog would not require professional medical treatment. Over the counter medications are widely available. Before applying the medication, the ears must be thoroughly cleaned. It is extremely necessary to remove the crusty debris inside the ears. With an eye dropper, apply mineral oil into the ears. Massage the ear with the mineral oil to soften the debris and to smoother and kill the ear mites as well. Flush out the debris from the dog’s using a mixture of vinegar and distilled water. Apply the medication. Most OTC medications have to be used for several weeks as ear mite eggs can not be killed.

Ear mites can jump from one host to another easily. This means that other pets in the household can be infected as well. It is therefore necessary to treat other pets too. These parasites have the ability to live for months even without a host. Ear mites can exist in the environment. This means that even if you have eradicated the pest from the dog it is highly probable that it will be infested again. Cleaning the area frequented by the dog is necessary. Steam-clean the carpet and the dog’s bed. Washing the dog’s blanket and toys with soap and hot water would be a good idea.

How to Treat Ear Mites in Your Pet


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      Sigrid 3 years ago

      To get rid of ear mites naturally just mix 1 part Black Walnut Hull tincture with 1 part Pau D'Arco tincture, into one bottle, preferably with a tip or a glass tube so you then can splash it into the ears, then maybe again three days later. You will see it get less in a week and then disappear totally, without doing anything further. Of course you could always splash a third dose into his ears, some days later again, it wouldn't hurt, but I didn't and he go well. This was just how Í did it and you can also test just one of them, such as the Black Walnut Hull and see if it works. This has no adverse so called ''side effects'' and the cat can stay healthy afterwards. The rest of the tincture can be taken by yourself, a tea spoon a day, it is very nutritious. If the cat licks some of it away is possibly just good for him and will kill bad parasites from his stomach too.