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How to safely ship a dog?

Updated on June 18, 2009

Because dogs are lovable creatures, we always want them to be around. These loyal and affectionate animals are considered to be family members thus is would not be surprising to see dogs travelling and being taken by the owners wherever they go. Dogs are often seen at the back seat of the cars. Small breeds are carried lovingly nestled in the arms of doting owners if not riding in posh pouch bags. Of course this will only be possible if the dog is being transported to short distances. But what if you are relocating because of a new job and parting with the pet is not an option. The dog would need to be shipped. What measures would you do to insure the safety of your pet?

Dogs on the move

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Dog in suitcase the beach dogs by car
Dog in suitcase
Dog in suitcase
Enjoying the beach
Enjoying the beach
Mexican dogs
Mexican dogs
Travelling by car
Travelling by car

Having your dog travel on a plane

If the dog is to be shipped by plane, it would be necessary to check with the airlines for its rules and regulations concerning the shipment of pets as most airlines would have different rules. It would be necessary to take the dog to the vet because airlines commonly require a health certificate dated not more than 10 days before departure to ensure that the pet’s shots are up to date. More importantly the vet will tell you if the pet is fit to travel. Remember, the dog’s crate will be placed in the cargo hold. Unlike in the passenger cabin, the air pressure in the cargo hold may not remain the same and it would be too risky for pets with heart, kidney, lung and other vital organ concerns.

The crate

And what about the crate that will hold the pet while it is in transit? Will the dog be comfortable in the crate? You have to make sure that the travelling kennel will allow the dog to stand, to lie down, to stretch and to move around.

Making sure your dog can find its way home

You have to consider the possibility that the dog may get lost. The collar of the pet must have the necessary identification and contact numbers. Your contact numbers written with a permanent marker outside the kennel or crate would be a good idea. This will help the officials to easily locate you in case the dog gets lost while being transported.

Sedating your dog for long trips

Long trips can make a toll on the health of the dog. Some owners would resort to sedating the pet. However, this idea can prove to be more dangerous as there have been reported deaths of sedated pets. Make sure you talk to a vet first.

Shipping a pet is not cheap. But I’m sure that cost would not matter as long as the safety of the pet is ensured.

Cesar Millan talks about travelling with your dog

Pet travel safety

Traveling with Your Dog in the Summer


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