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How to stop fleas on cats

Updated on May 21, 2011

Fleas on cats can be a a problem, but prevention is beter than a cure!

Fleas on cats can be a source of misery for the family who's cat becomes invested with them. The spread of these fleas into the house and them onto biting the occupants, especially in the summer months, can be very unpleasant. Fleas on cats can be a real problem but when cat owners ask, how to get rid of cat fleas, it becomes a question of prevention or cure?

Read on for a few simple steps to prevent your cat getting fleas.

As a cat owner for many years we learn't quickly that prevention is by far the better approach. Why wait until the house is full of fleas and the bites start?

Pets can bring great joy to many and for some the pet is wonderful addition to the family. Unfortunately, with pets can come problems that sometimes make having a pet not quite worth the problems they can present. One of the most frustrating problems you can encounter with pets and especially cats, is the problem of fleas and controlling them.
Fleas are small insects that will not only try to live on your pets – laying eggs and multiplying – but will also spread throughout the rest of your house and spread very quickly, causing untold problems.
If you have ever had to deal with a pet bringing fleas into the home you will know the problems they can cause. With this in mind, here are three simple ways to keep the fleas at bay. As mentioned above, When it comes to pets and fleas, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

Keep your cat indoors
Some may consider keeping pets indoors is cruel and pets such as dogs this is the case and should never be soley kept indoors. Such pets as cats are much more versitile and can easily be kept indoors successful in the knowledge they will thrive and live a good happy life. Keeping cats indoors is the cheapest and easiest way of stopping your cat from getting fleas. One thing to consider if you take this route, is to make sure that if you have more than one cat, to keep them both indoors. Your indoor cat can still catch fleas if there is contact with a cat that has been roaming outside, so don't allow cats that roam to have contact with your indoor cat. As mentioned earlier, preventing a flea investation is much better than cure when dealing with fleas on cats.

Fleas on cats - Flea collar

If being able to keep your pet indoors is not practical, all is not lost, as there are other ways to keep the fles away. One way to prevent fleas from infesting your pet is to make it wear a flea collar. A small collar around your pets neck that has a flea repellant. It can be fun trying to get the flea collar around your cats neck but it will not take the cat long to get used to it. One problem with flea collars, however, is that lots of people find that they do not actually work after a short time as the repellant wears off. Most of the cats we have had have always been able to scratch the collar off and we used to find the collar on the kitchen floor most mornings which is another reason why some people don't like the cat collar approach. It depends on the individual cat, as some definatley take to the flea collar better than others and with better results at keeping the fleas at bay. I would suggest trying this approach before you dismiss it totally. To increase your chances of this approach being successful always buy the more expensive reliable brand of cat flea collars, as it really can make a difference.

Fleas on cats - Frontline

Finally, there are products you can buy that are designed to be put on your pet’s body. Typically, these come in small tubes, and should be squeezed between your pet’s shoulders so that they cannot lick it off and theres no scratching off of collars with this approach. The price of such products can be anywhere from $2 or $3 to as high as $50 or $60. Even though $60 might seem like a lot to spend on keeping your pets free from fleas, but remember, that you are not just doing it for your pet, you are doing it for you, the family and your home as well and theres nothing worse than a carpet full of fleas in the summer.

The higher-end products such as Frontline are especially effective and are the best for keeping fleas away from your pets for substantial periods of time with little worry, a real bonus during the summer months when fleas can be at their most annoying. The added bonus is that using something like Frontline will allow your cat to be able to go outside and roam, come into contact with other cats and be protected from flea investation.

After trying to keep our cats inside and using flea collars, as mentioned above, Frontline was the alternative that did what it said on the tube. If applied correctly, your cat can wander and be flea free and as a pet owner you can be rest assured that you will have a flea free house.

Shop For Frontline here and prevention of fleas is better than waiting for them to arrive!

Shop For Frontline here and prevention of fleas is better than waiting for them to arrive!

Fleas on cats is not nice, for the cat or the owner so don't wait until you have a flea problem before paying attention. Do not wait for fleas to invest your carpets, instead, keep them away, it's easier than you might think.

Fleas on cats - Frontline application


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