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How to stop your neighbors dog from barking?

Updated on June 28, 2009

Statistics tell us that about 70% of American households have dogs. This is how these furry animals are valued. Dogs are justifiably loved. Man’s best friends have provided steadfast companionship and joys to the family. Most people are dog lovers but there are instances when you could hate this animal so much. These pets can be the bane of an owner’s existence if in spite of being well cared for, being fed premium quality feeds, being regularly groomed, the pet would come home with a horrendous stench because it has decided to raid the trash can for the nth time. Barking non-stop is another reason why these animals are hated. This is especially true if the barking dog is the neighbor’s dog. Most owners can be very patient with their own dogs; most would not mind the incessant barking. But the barking would get on the nerves of the neighbors. How would you stop your neighbor’s dog from barking without causing an altercation between you and the dog’s owner?

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The owner can effectively control the excessive barking of the dog. The dog may be uncomfortable or bored being left alone most of the time. These concerns can only be dealt with by the owner. Talk to your neighbor calmly. It is possible that he/she does not know that you are being disturbed by the dog. The neighbor has the right to own a dog but you have the right to a good nights sleep too. If the neighbor has not acted on your complaint, maybe it would be best if you notify the authorities. The neighborhood association or the police may have a better way of resolving the problem. Although when you involve the authorities, be prepared to have an antagonistic neighbor. If you want to maintain good relationship with your neighbors, why not make use of ultrasonic devices instead. In most cases, dogs that disturb the neighbors with its excessive barking are left outside. Set up an ultrasonic device in your yard. These devices are advertized to be effective even at a range of more than 50 feet. This ultrasonic device will emit a squealing sound every time the dog barks. Dogs are intelligent animals. Because it will be bother by the shrieking sound every time it barks, the dog will stop barking. Your neighbor may not even know that the device in your yard have solved the barking problem of the dog as the sound can not be heard by humans. In any case the device is set up in your own yard and he would have no cause to complain.

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    • bac2basics profile image


      5 years ago from Spain

      Hi Jack. This can be a very real problem. I think you are right, better to approach the owner first, and a great idea to buy an ultrasonic stop barking device, I would never have thought of that one.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @Blonde guy in the bottom video... Your dog has some nice ribs there, maybe feed it a bit more...


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