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How to teach a dog to sit

Updated on December 21, 2009

Teaching a dog to respond to the sit command would be easier if you know what makes the dog tick…if you know what kind of personality your pooch has. This is very necessary to be able to choose what method of training will best suit the dog.

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The dog’s personality

If your dog is a voracious eater, one that constantly begs for food, it is a food driven dog. Some dogs respond more to petting and lavish praises from the master. This type of personality would demand attention from the master. The third type of personality is the dominant type. This dog would want to be the leader of the pack. Because of a strong personality, the dog would want to have the choice place on the sofa, would precede the master when entering doors and would even want to eat first before the master does.

The food driven dog

The food driven dog is probably the easiest to train. Select a location that is relatively free from distraction. Bite size treats will entice the dog to respond well to training. Stand right in front of the dog with the leash on one hand while holding the dog’s favorite treat on the other hand. Dangle the bite size treat in front of the dog’s nose making sure that it is not positioned too high to make the dog jump to get the treat. Move the food towards the back of the dog. This will make the dog sit on its haunches to follow the hand holding the treat. As the dog sits, give the sit command and immediately reward the dog.   A 10 to 15 minute training session done two to three times a day will make the dog understand and follow the sit command.

The praise focused dog

A dog with this kind of personality would respond well to attention and praises lavished by the master. The training process would be similar. The only difference is the rewards used. Instead of food, you may need to use a toy to attract the dog. And once it has obeyed the command, praise the dog. Because the dog would want to please the master it would continue obeying the commands.

The dominant dog

A dominant dog may need to be guided to a sitting position. At the start of the training you may need to use a choker chain to force the dog to sit. Give the sit command while pulling the dog to sit on its haunches. By pulling the choker chain down to the ground you will be able to force the dog to hold the sitting position. Praise and give the dog a treat. Repeat the process several times a day but be very careful with the training as dominant dogs can be aggressive dogs.

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How to Teach a Dog to Sit


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