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How to tell if the dog is sick

Updated on May 9, 2009

Vets would probably wish they are Dr. Doolittle. Treating the animals then would be a lot easier. But since no one can talk to the animals, vets and owners would need to be aware of the  warning signs. Every one who has owned a dog would have seen the dog’s off color days. Some dog owners are experts not only in knowing what ails the dog but also in giving the basic treatments. But what if you are a first time dog owner? Would you need to run to the vet every time the dog refuses to eat or stays in bed most of the day? The following are telltale signs that the pet is feeling poorly.

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Loss of appetite

When the dog ignores the food, it is either playing up to get a tastier treat, it is fasting or it is sick. Generally, dogs would not refuse food even if they have had their fill. Stuffed dogs may no longer be able to eat but they would make an effort to do so. Dogs would not pass up the chance to even sniff the food. Dogs are known to fast for a day or two. This is perfectly alright as after fasting the dog would eat. But when the dog refuses consecutive meals, there is definitely something wrong with the dog.

Weight loss

Weight loss can signify an underlying medical condition especially if the dog is consuming the same amount of food.


Weak dogs are sick dogs. Man’s best friends are energetic animals, one that are always on the go because of a high exercise requirements. When your pet is lethargic and hardly able to move it is certainly time to visit the vet.

Vomiting/Bloody stool

This is definitely a case for the vetBloody diarrhea can be caused by Parvo virus. Vomiting and diarrhea would easily dehydrate the dog. Dogs are voracious eaters and overfeeding can result to vomiting. But in some cases the dog would vomit because of an upset stomach or because it has ingested a toxic substance.

Excessive drinking and urinating

Weeks old puppies would nurse frequently and urinate frequently too. In mature dogs, excessive drinking and frequent urination can signify that the dog has medical concerns like diabetes, kidney and liver disorders  

A dog may show one or two of these symptoms but would be back on its feet after a day or two. However, if the dog has not recovered after 24 hours, then it is certainly imperative to take the dog to the vet.

How to tell if your dog is sick


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