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How to train a dog to speak

Updated on June 30, 2009

Training the dog to speak is one of the fun tricks you can teach your pet. It is an accomplishment that not all dog owners can do. A dog that barks on command is an impressive dog but more importantly, the training will turn the dog into a well behaved pet.  Excessive barking is often a concern of dog owners. With the training the dog will be not only hone its natural instinct to bark but develop discriminate barking as well.

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Speak Dog Speak!

Training the dog to speak does not mean teaching the dog to bark at anything that moves. The training is in fact aimed to cut back the excessive barking of the dog. How can this be done? When you have trained the dog to speak it will only bark when the command to do so is given by the master. Speaking in this instance would be two or three short barks and not the incessant barking that dogs usually do. Dogs thrive in ordered hierarchy. With the training the dog will look up to you as the leader of the pack.

The commands

You can choose any command you want. It can be speak, talk or any other commands that can easily be recognized by the pet. The trick though is to use the command consistently not only while the dog is being trained but also when the dog has learned to bark on command. This must be done so as not to confuse the dog. 

The rewards

Dogs are very similar to humans in that they would also appreciate rewards. The rewards must be something that is liked and will be valued by the dog. This can be the dog’s favorite food or toys. The rewards can also be verbal praises from the master. Dogs have an innate will to please. The praises and appreciation shown by the master will entice the dog to do the desired behavior again.

Training the dog

Armed with the reward, start the training by getting the attention of the dog. Call the dog’s name in an upbeat voice. This should get the dog focused. As mentioned, the training would be easier if rewards are used. So hold a toy or a treat in your hand to tempt the dog to bark. Remember you are only going to show the dog the rewards. You can play with the toy or wave the treat in front of the dog’s nose. The idea is to get the dog extremely frustrated. Repeatedly give the command while you are attracting the dog with the reward. When the dog barks you can immediately give the toy or the treat and praise the dog lavishly. Continue practicing until the dog has learned to speak once you give the command.

Teach your dog to speak on command

Training A Dog to Speak

Shake, Wave, Roll Over and Speak


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