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How to train a dog to walk on a leash

Updated on June 28, 2009

Training your most loved pet to walk on a leash might seem too hard for you to accomplish. You might have envied other dog owners who comfortably walk with their kennels without having to tug them forcefully for the dog to walk beside them. It’s just like walking with another person while engaging in a sensible conversation. Indeed, having your dog trained to walk in parallel with you would give you a sense of pride and joy. Impossible as it may seem, training your dog to do the same thing would not be as hard as you think if you are properly equipped with the right materials and attitude.

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Leash and Collar/Harness

You would be needing a decent piece of leash plus either a collar or a harness. Some pet owners prefer harness because it prevents stifling the dog since it is wrapped around the dog’s trunk. There are collars on the other hand which prevents strangulation of the dog. The leash should also be of good material and should not hurt your palms should the dog run impulsively. It should have a good holder/ grasp end.

Dog Treats

A positive reinforcement is needed so that the dog could repeat his desirable behaviors. This would greatly aid the smooth flow of training your dog to walk on leash. Thus, every time your pet goes beside you or avoids running in opposite direction, you should give him a piece of treat as a reward.

The Method

Start by giving out commands to your pet, the usual commands like sit, stay and lie. After you get the attention of your pet, snap him on the leash and make a few steps forward. This time, the dog would instantly run or pace fastly without your command. Just stand still and the dog will soon pause from running. Once the leash slacks, give the dog something as a reward and pat him while giving good remarks. Do the same thing over and over again until your dog realizes that walking fastly or running would break him from ambulating around.

Checking Your Dog’s Learning

Once you realize that you’re walking your dog with the leash slacking off, this means that the dog had already absorbed the initial skills needed for walking on leash. Also, try being stationary and see if the dog halts from walking, too. This is an indication that you pet is starting to learn. Try different directions while practicing your dog to walk on leash. Try turning left, right or turning back wards. This increases your pet’s skills in walking beside you.

The Secret To Loose Leash Walking

Walking on leash

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