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15 Human Foods, Good For Dogs

Updated on December 16, 2017

Normally we love to share our table food with our dog, but some table foods are not good for them. We should know, which table food is good to give them and which is not good for them. There are many foods which are good for us, but dangerous for our pet and can harm them? Also, some table foods are good, but that must be given occasionally. Find the list of 15 people food which are safe and good for your dogs.

1. Apple

Apple | Source

Apple is a healthy treat for your dog, it contains calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Fibre and Pectin. You can serve limited quantity of frozen apple slices intermittently, but should be regular item.


  • Do not feed apple seeds that contain cyanogenic glycosides and can upset their digestion and may effect serious, if given large amount.
  • You must feed in small (limited) quantity, because it don’t have water in it and can affect their tummy

2. Broccoli


There are three different flavor of Broccoli is available the Calabrese broccoli, Sprouting broccoli and Purple cauliflower, where Calabrese broccoli is most popular. It’s a healthy snack from cabbage family that is eaten as a fruit and vegetables and has a unique anti-inflammatory benefit for a hypoallergenic diet. Broccoli make a good recipe for dogs that provides superior cholesterol-lowering benefits, but it must be cooked by steaming.


  • Usually it doesn’t have any side effect, but you should give small quantity only. Otherwise that can cause stomach problems.

3. Carrot

Carrot | Source

Carrots are the best known source for the antioxidant nutrient that comes in many varieties like purple, black, red, white, and yellow varieties exist and all are good for your dog. Carrot contains Vitamin B, vitamin K and vitamin B6 and sugars that include sucrose, glucose and fructose. Carrot is best, natural food for human eye health because it contains, the lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids. It’s a healthy food for human and as well as your pet.


  • Carrot doesn’t have any side effect but when it comes to feed your dog, it’s suggested to feed them boiled or steamed carrot.
  • Carrot leaves are not good for dog that can be toxic and should be avoided.

4. Cheese


Usually dairy products are not suggested for dogs, but cheese is a healthy and nutritious ingredient that you can give in small amount. Cheese is formed by coagulation of milk that contain protein and fat. It can be derived from the milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep. So the ingredients of cheese differ from rest of dairy products. Though feeding cheese in small amount good, but should not given in large quantity else it will create diarrhea and other digestive problems.


  • Milk is acidified for dogs, and adding the enzyme rennet causes coagulation and can be high in fat. So don’t overfeed.
  • Some dogs (very less percentage) are lactose intolerant, feeding cheese is not good for them.

5. Chicken meat


Feeding table chicken to your dog is very controversial to say if it is good or bad. But a few things that you should know which are definitely bad and one is feeding cooked chicken bones. Because easily your dog can sprinter that. But feeding raw bone occasionally, is good for your dog health and teeth. Limited amount of boneless boiled chicken is not bad, but usually table chicken contain gradients and can be spicy and oily, which is not good for your dog.


  • Do not feed cooked chicken bones.
  • Feeding oily and spicy cooked chicken is not good.

6: Egg

Different type of Eggs
Different type of Eggs | Source

Egg is a good source of protein and selenium that make a healthy nutrients adding to dog food. But raw egg is not good for your dog that can cause biotin shortage, you must feed only boiled or cooked egg. When your dog has digestion deficiency, then feeding boiled egg with rice is a good option, in that provides them quick energy and protein and easily digestible also egg yolks contains vitamins, and minerals and, include biotin.


  • Raw egg is not good for the dog that can cause biotin shortage, you must feed only boiled or cooked egg but without adding salt.
  • Eggs contain high amount of fat and protein if your dog is gaining extra fat then you must give them only white part of the egg.

7: Green Beans


7. Green beans

The green bean is the best source of dietary fiber and hold less fat and best recommended for humans as well as to your dog. Specifically for an overweight dog, because it has low calorie, A cup of fresh green beans contains just 27.50 calories. Also, it’s a good source for vitamins like vitamin A, K, C and magnesium. These three vitamins have antioxidant properties to anticipate cancer.


  • Green Beans are good to feed in limited or small amount, it's not recommended to make their full meal. It's best recommended to add intermittently to their meal.

Kelps are the sea vegetables that belong to the brown algae, grows in "underwater forests" (kelp forests) in shallow ocean. Kelp contains rich amounts of iodine, calcium and other minerals, and a great resource to maintaining a healthy heart. Its Commercial production harvested from Japan. Ancient tribal people’s discovery is a research plan for modern biochemical and food supplement for humans and as well to our pets. Kelp is a great iodine-rich source for dogs that helps to prevent thyroid problems and helps flea control.

8. Kelp



  • Overfeeding Kelp to dogs can affect your dog iodine toxic that may affect with symptoms like watery eyes and nose and diarrhea.

9. Lean Meats


Dogs are the descendants of wolves and are classified as a subspecies of wolf which were domesticated before 15000 years. Because dogs are descendants from carnivores, raw meat is their own food on which they were dependent. Many vets believe still real meat is the best food for your dog and examples are sledge dog and racing hounds. Raw meat helps them to grow shiner coat and hair strong and clean teeth. But it has a threat to affect the dogs health from bacteria and potential risk to choke them by bones. So, Lean feeding meat is a better option than feeding raw meat.


  • To avoid side effects by meat, it’s good to feed frozen or freeze-dried meat and add some vegetable and grains, that will make it a balanced diet.
  • Also, you should not give raw fish because that contain a harmful paracite that can affect dog's liver.

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal | Source

Oatmeal is one of the most suitable human food to feed your dog. It contains fiber, Iron and Vitamin B6. That contain low cholesterol and avoid heart problems. Oatmeal is best recommended for the dogs of old age or if your dog is suffering from digestion problems.


  • Do not add salt, sugar or any flavor in oatmeal.
  • Must be cooked properly, uncooked oatmeal can affect your dog to dieheria or stomach problems.

11. Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a good source of fibre and vitamin A and helpful for your pets skin or coats. Though it's not a good recipe to feed on a regular basis, but you can feed occasionally by mixing it in their regular food. Especially when your dog is suffering from a digestion problem, then it's beneficial because it is excessive for your dog's digestion and to sidestep constipation.


  • Raw pumpkin can cause your dog acidic problems, you must feed him only canned pumpkin by mixing with your dog’s regular food or give as an ingredient only.
  • Also, you must care, no pie mixed with pumpkin.

12. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter | Source

Peanut butter is a good source of proteins and vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Its good to give your dogs this is a healthy and nutritious diet for them. But do not mix salt, sugar or any flavor or chemical. However, it’s a good and healthy ingredient and good for all the dogs, but if you dig have allergic records then it’s not good for him. Also, some vet suggests to add cream to peanut butter, that’s helps in digestion.


  • Do not add salt, sugar or any flavor.
  • Its not good for the dog suffering from allergy or having allergic record.
  • Avoid giving it to the small dog or puppies, it’s a heavy diet and they may get digestion or stomach problem.

13. FlaxSeeds


Flaxseed is the most healthy human, plant food that is beneficial to cure many risky infections and illness like risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and one the best source for omega acids and good for a dog’s skin. Feeding flaxseeds to your dog a good and healthy choice that makes their skin healthy and prevents from allergies and add shine to their coats. Also, it contains a concentrated form of omega- 3 fatty acids, without the fibre.
Recent studies have suggested that flaxseed may have a protective effect to humans, against breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.


  • Keep flaxseed oil or seeds in the fridge in an airtight dark container.
  • Avoid feeding to your dog till the age of 4-6 months, depending upon the size and breed of the dog.

14. Salmon


Salmon fish is a good source for omega- 3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for dog skin and good to enhance the shine of the dog’s coat and improve immune system. Salmon is a good source to control allergies in dogs. But you must care to feed cooked or boiled fish only, otherwise raw salmon carry parasite that can make your dog sick.


  • Do not feed raw or uncooked salmon, better to ad salmon oil to his food.
  • Do not feed the salmon skin to your dog.

15. Yoghurt

Yoghurt | Source

15. Yoghurt

Yogurt is a rich source of calcium and protein and good for your dog. it has active bacteria that act as a probiotic that is good for your dog’s digestive system, but you must not add salt or sugar and if possible use fat-free yogurt.


  • Do not add sugar or salt to yogurt.
  • Prefer fat-free yogurt.

Bad human Foods for Your Dog

When talking about good human foods for your dog, It's equally important to know what human foods are bad for your dog and must be given to him. You can refer my article,

Human Foods Chart For Your Dog

Sorce for nutritions
Potential Benefits
1. Apple
Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Fibre and Pectin.
Apple is helpful for degenerative problems like joint disease and good for gastrointestinal health.
2. Broccoli
Superior cholesterol-lowering benefits
IT contain high level of cancer fighting antioxidants and a key source for anti-allergic and healthy immune systems.
3. Carrot
Vitamin B, vitamin K and vitamin B6 and sugars that include sucrose, glucose and fructose.
Good for healthy skin and coat and good alternate to clean dog's teeth. It also assists the fiber for the digestive system.
4. Cheese
Protein, Potassium and Vitamin B12.
It's good for dog's coat, and it contains probiotics that are helpful for a sick dog
5. Chicken
Protein, Calcium
It's an excellent food for underweight dogs to gain health and occasional feeding of raw chicken with bones is good for their teeth..
6. Egg
Protein, Calcium and selenium
A good source of protein and help to build muscle and repair tissues, Also it adds shine to the dog's coat.
7. Green beans
Vitamin A, K, C and magnesium and dietary fiber
Beans are the rich source of magnesium, which help the dogs body to absorb other nutrients and needed for dogs body enzyme. Also, it's good for dogs digestive system.
8. Kelp
A balanced food and Iodine-rich source.
Kelp is a rich source of Iodine that's good for dog's endocrine gland health (thyroid function) also it contain tryptophan, which is helpful in fighting cancer. Also, it's good for dogs hair coats and digestion system and improve immunity.
9. Lean Meats
Rich source of Fat, Protein that also contain some amount of Calcium and magnisium.
The best natural food and an excellent food for underweight dogs.
10. Oatmeal
Rich nutrient that contain fiber, Iron and Vitamin B6 and has low cholesterol
Oatmeal is good for a dog's skin, hair coat and gives them inner power and increases immunity.
11. Pumpkin
Fibre and vitamin A
Not a good food to give regularly as a meal, but it's good to give as an ingredient. It's good for dogs digestion and coats. If your dog is suffering from a digestion problem, then it's an excellent ingredient.
12. Peanut Butter
Protein, Vitamin B and Vitamin E.
Peanut butter is an excellent food for your dogs but it must be given small amount to avoid digestion problems.
13. FlaxSeeds
Concentrated form of omega- 3 fatty acids
It's an excellent alternative of fish oil. And an excellent source for dog's heart and to make a dog's coat soft and shiny. Also the best alternative with less or no side effects.
14. Salmon
Omega- 3 fatty acid
Salmons are good for a dog's skin, liver, heart and increases coat shine.
15. Yoghurt
Calcium and protein
Yoghurt is good for a dog's digestive system that controls diarrhea and stomach issues.

Quick Reference chart for Human Foods for Your Dog

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    • srai01 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks TaraSquirrel!

      Hope this was a useful reference.

    • TaraSquirrel profile image


      3 years ago from Azores

      This is actually a big help. I know what dogs shouldn't eat and try to avoid feeding them such foods. Now these types of food i can be relieved to feed them.


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