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Human foods that are good and bad for your dog

Updated on June 16, 2009

Human Foods That are Good and Bad for Your Dog

Your dog is like one of the family , for some their dogs are their kids and you tend to spoil them . Spoiling your dog is okay in some aspects , but when it comes to what they eat your should really pay attention.

There are some owners that just give them their dog food and their dog treats . But there are others that feed their dog table scraps . When doing that you should always keep in mind that there are good foods that wont hurt them and then there are the bad foods . Even a very small amount of the poisonous foods can make your dog extremely ill , or even kill them . So don’t think “ Just a little bit wont hurt them” Because it will .


Even though it has been proven that chocolate is good for humans because of he antioxidants that it has in it .Chocolate is not good for your dog, it is a stimulant for the heart and a diuretic.

Because of the diuretic your dog may urinate in large amounts , vomit and have diarrhea. These symptoms are common when a dog has had chocolate. There are certain chemicals and enzymes that make the dogs heart beat irregularly. After a pet has had a large amount of chocolate , you may not notice it for a while with death following with in a day or so. The most dangerous forms of chocolate are cocoa powder and cooking chocolate . These forms contain 10 times more of the deadly chemical than in milk chocolate .

Onions and Garlic 

 While humans mostly use these to cook with and have vitamins made with garlic . Again your dog cant have these , even though onions are more dangerous than garlic. Onion toxicity will create a sickness called , Hemolytic Anemia this is a sickness where the animals red blood cells burst while circulating through the body. Signs that that your pet has had onion are gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea. They will not want to eat and will be weak . Usually poisoning will happen with in a hew days of digesting the onions . Garlic would have to be eaten in large quantities to make your pet ill and would have the same effect as the onions do.

Macadamia Nuts

While humans eat them to help with fiber and weight loss , in dog they cause problems with the dogs skeletal muscles and weakness or paralysis of the hind legs. Ways to know if your dog has had macadamia nuts are , they may :

Have swollen limbs

Unable to rise

May whine when you move there legs

It only takes as few as 6 macadamia nuts to cause problems .

Avocados- are another food that are extremely dangerous for your dog, because it is not just one thing that is poisonous it is the whole thing from the skin the insides and the pit . So while it is again healthy for humans it is not for the dogs . Some of the problems that a dog will have when they eat an avocado are:

Problems Breathing

Enlargement of Abdomen

Fluid accumulation in the chest

Peach and apricot pits as well as apple cores are not a good thing to give to them because the pits and seeds contain a poison called Cyanogenic Glycosides that result in Cyanide poisoning Some of the other foods that your pet should not have are :

Potato peelings

Rhubarb leaves

Moldy or spoiled food


Yeast dough

Coffee grounds


Tomato leaves or stems

Broccoli in large amounts

Raisins and grapes

If you want to give your pet a treat there are healthy dog treat recipes that you can get from your vet or from the internet . Or if you want to try mixing some of these things in with their food . There is a list of foods that your dog can have, that you do not have to worry if it will make your dog sick or kill them

Apples ( Without the core)



Beef (Cooked)

Beef Jerky

Black Olives


Bran Cereal






Cheese Whiz

Chicken Broth

Dried Fruit ( Apples, Bananas and Apricots)

Eggs (Cooked)

Liver (Freeze Dried)


Nut Butter


Orange slices

Pasta noodles (cooked)

Peaches (Without pits )

Peanut Butter

Pumpkin (Canned)



Rice Cakes

Steak ( Scraps )

Tomatoes (Not the greens or stems)



Hopefully this helps give you the information you need to know what can be healthy nd what can be harmful even deadly to your pampered pooch.



























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    • profile image

      kfuentes1216 4 years ago

      Liver if prepared properly ... freeze dried is a process that you put the liver through so that it is safe for your dog ..

    • profile image

      JordanL49 4 years ago

      I've always read liver was bad for dogs, and what is freeze dried?