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Humane Horse Equipment

Updated on December 10, 2009

Controversy whirls through the equestrian community over how horses should be treated. The answer is easily resolved if people just ask themselves, “If I were a horse how would I want to be treated?

Many people think of horses as objects to race and to win money with. They do not consider the effects of what they are doing to the horse. Many people who own horses treat them as if they are objects. Some people just don’t see the need to treat horses humanely because they are not human. This has caused the equine community to, in a way, try to revolutionize how they work. Recently, there has been a movement towards more humane practices towards horses. With the fame of the Horse Whisperer, people have become aware of alternatives to training their horses. Companies have started coming out with new equipment that does not harm the horsesbut rather allows the rider to increase their performance while keeping their horse happy. Also the equine community has adopted new styles of riding that are much more comfortable for the horses and even lead to a better riding experience some say. Take a look at what I have put together and maybe it will lead you to think some more about how you will train your horse.

Humane Horse Bits

One of the more popular pieces of equipment that can lead to treating your horse more humanely is the horse bit. Companies have come out with horse bits that are designed to be much more comfortable in the horses mouth by preventing the shock of coming in contact with the mouth and limiting abuse to the mouth by constant movement. One company that has taken the initiative in coming out with humane horse bits is American Bridle Bit. Their company is based around the idea of respecting the horse and not abusing them. Their bridle bits are top of the line and actually include a lifetime warranty.  Horse enthusiasts are starting to demand equipment that treats their horses humanely and I believe that it will become the standard in the business in the near future.

Bitless Riding

If you want to go even a step further in treating your horse more human, you can try to adopt bitless riding. It is believed that over 100 behavioral problems can be caused by using a bit.  It is believed that “Bits are a common cause of bone spurs on the bars of the mouth and headshaking (facial neuralgia) along with many behavioral problems” (Cooper). Companies are coming out with bridles that do not put anything in the horses mouth. Instead of riders and horses focusing on the bits inside of the horses mouth, The bitless bridle focuses the attention on the entire head of the horse. Many have said that bitless bridles lead to more trust between the horse and the owner ( No longer do you have to fight with your horse to get it to do what you want. Instead, you lead the horses head to tell him where you want to go. This is so much more comfortable that the horse does not feel any pain at all


Spurs have also caused some controversy. Spurs are not necessarily bad, but if they are used incorrectly or used to roughly, they can cause problems with the horse. There are plenty of great mild spurs that can be used such as Round end or knob end spurs. These spurs are simple little balls that let horse know where to go. However, spurs such as Western spurs, spurs with point on the end, can seriously hurt the horse if used incorrectly.  Luckily, western spurs with the pointed ends are seldom used anymore. However, even with the round end or knob spurs, you can still hurt your horse if not used correctly. Make sure you are using your spurs correctly and you should be fine.


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    • profile image

      RoadRanger 4 years ago

      I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for the information.

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    • Anne Coyle profile image

      Anne Coyle 8 years ago from Bronxville, NY

      Thank you for speaking out on the importance of using equestrian equipment responsibly and thoughtfully. Unfortunately, there will always be people who are willing to abuse their horses. Most of us, however, are thrilled with all of the new horse tack available on the market today that allows us to ride safely and effectively, without causing harm.

    • profile image

      Natural Horsemanship 8 years ago

      Great hub... Keep it up.. :)

    • kcnck profile image

      kcnck 8 years ago

      Hey, you have left so little choice to use .Any way it was an informative read.