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Humanism and Brutalism

Updated on September 24, 2011

Two incidents that I have crossed several months back have completely changed my opinion about humanism and brutalism

Some months back me and my friend went for a morning walk in our native village. After completing 45 minutes of walk we were returning.

“Shall we have a tea?” my friend asked.

I nodded and we went to a road side petty tea shop. Two or three persons were waiting there for their turn of tea and the tea master ( the man preparing tea used to be called as tea master in our area) was busily preparing tea. The DVD player in the shop was playing some devotional songs in full volume.

“ Welcome Sir, tea or coffee?”

“Two tea please”

We were discussing about a meeting that is going to be conducted next day.

There came a small boy of 7 or 8 years old, wearing trousers only. He was very lean and looked very dirty.

“Sir please give me something Sir. I have no food for the past two days Sir” He was begging.

I was about to take my purse, the tea master came to us and frowned at the boy.

“ You rascal how many times I have told you not to disturb the customers? Get away Otherwise I will kill you”

The boy was frightened and ran away.

After finishing tea, we were about to start, the boy came once again.

“ Sir, please something sir”

Hearing his voice, the tea master got wild, took a cup of boiling water and thrown it on the boy shouting “ you idiot wont you go”

Luckily the boy escaped from that boiling water and ran away.

I was very much upset over this incident and I don’t know why the tea master behaved in such a brutal manner.

Next day I was sitting in my garden.

A cute black coloured kitten wandering here and there crying in a feeble voice. She might have been separated from her mother .

I brought a cup of milk and placed it before her. But she could not drink it. My neighbor told “ she don’t know how to drink. Give it in a feeding bottle”

“You are right Sir” I went inside of my house, and brought a feeding bottle , but the kitten was not there.

Where it gone? I searched around the garden and went to that narrow lane adjacent to my house.

Oh what a scene it was!

The stray dog which usually wanders in our street was laying down and feeding the kitten.

A Dog feeding a kitten. Amazing!

I was very much moved by this scene and unnecessarily the face of the tea master came to my mind. Animals are more human sometimes, it seems!


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    • profile image

      aparna 6 years ago

      Really shocked to know that people like the Tea master exsist!!

    • profile image

      Vidhya 6 years ago

      Very touching story!!!

    • Renganathan profile image

      Renganathan 6 years ago from Kondhai

      I think my hub "Not Just A Story" may give you an answer to your question!

    • Dragica Milanovic profile image

      Dragica Milanovic 6 years ago from Belgrade , Serbia

      Human being nature is very strange . I was blessed to meet miracle people around the world : self-sacrificing , generous , who easily sympathize with the other people or animals and who are always ready to help . At the same time I had opportunities to meet idiots , creature who don't deserve to be called humans and who made me to shame cause we belong to a same kind . Very often I asked myself how is it possible that two so different , untouchable worlds exist on the same place ? I am still searching for the answer.

    • Renganathan profile image

      Renganathan 6 years ago from Kondhai

      Thank you all for the comments

    • profile image

      Vivek 6 years ago

      great story ! if the humans show atleast half the compassion the animals do , this world would be a better place to live.

    • Clucy profile image

      Kristin Tamke 6 years ago from Frederick, MD

      What a beautiful story!! I agree, 'animals' show far more compassion that us humans. Loved this story. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dragica Milanovic profile image

      Dragica Milanovic 6 years ago from Belgrade , Serbia

      Thank you for this story , Sir . Unfortunately , few times in my life I faced with few similar situations in which animals has shown much bigger generosity than humans and I had to ask myself what's wrong with our kind ?

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Oh my goodness, Renganathan! What a telling tale you have shared with us today. Such a sad situation; the poor little starving boy who no one seemed to care for...and your dear concern and wish to help. then, to top it off; you've told us of the stray kitten and dog..who have found one another for help and nurturing. WOW!! I think I need not say another word as your hub and picture have said quite a bit. thank you so much for this and for the kindness you feel. Your friend, kathy