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Dog Themed Collectables and Gift Ideas

Updated on December 10, 2012

Finding a Gift Idea for the Hunting Dog Lover in Your Life

The excitement of the hunt is hard to miss when the hunter you love starts gathering supplies, and of course their trusty Hunting Dog as preparation for the first real hunt of the season begins. The joy of the great outdoors, being in the field, and bringing down the game of choice stirs something bigger than most can comprehend. In the off season a different relationship is had between hunters and those athletic dogs they cherish; deeper and richer. But one thing is always in the back of those hunting thrill seekers minds, when does the season open!? During the off season, why not give them the gift that keeps them mindful and on point, a gift that reminds them of what's to come, and what has been, a statue that symbolizes the relationship between the Hunter and his companion dog.

Now this is one relaxed Golden Retriever wearing glasses!
Now this is one relaxed Golden Retriever wearing glasses! | Source

Here you will find an array of choices from the forever cowboy hunter, to the seasoned sport hunter and the sculpted story of how they love the hunt alongside of their hunting dogs. Nothing tells your loved one that you know what's important to them like sharing the hunt. In their own quiet tough guy or gal way, those hunter hearts will beat full of joy as they unwrap a collectible Hunter and dog figurine.

Other Dog Themed Gift Ideas abound as you find bronze fountains, fine porcelain figurines, unbelievably cute dog themed salt and pepper shakers, breed specific key chains, and unique K9 themed bookmarks for those deep thinking dog lovers. Enjoy your adventure into dog themed gift ideas that will bring your dog lover a smile every time!


A Cowboy and His Hunting Dog

A boy and his dog are like no other pair on earth. Each finding that loving respect and loyalty that carries them through the years. The "Good Job - Cowboy with Hunting Dog" figurine has high quality hand painted details brushed carefully on cold cast resin for a classy manly finish. Anyone who knows a hunter who treasures his K9 companion will fall instantly in love with this hunters story.

Hunting Scene - Dogs and Horses

Horse and Dog Hunting Scene Figurine

This dynamic Glass Cutting board hunting scene shows the traditional hunt from horseback, as those trustworthy dogs lead the way. Dishwasher and Microwaves safe the glass material is tempered (makes it 5 times stronger than glass) so this collectable will stay looking beautiful for years. Measuring 12" X 15" this piece makes a hunting statement. The design is located on the back, so the artwork stays in tact free of scratches, cuts and chips for years to come.

Pictures that Capture the Hunt

Throughout the centuries hunting has remained a staple for survival, sport, and education. Captured for your hunters pleasure, are these fascinating still stories of providers and their K9 hunters. Such teams of skill and trust fed our ancestral families as well as our current families. Not to be forgotten, are the many hours of search, patience, and careful positioning these hunters display. The task of bringing down prey to nourish their bodies is far from lost on our hunter family members. Show your belief in the history and trust for those canine hunters and the human hunters they worship.

From a poster that shows the sportsmen taking the fox out of the fox trap, the power of the deer hunt for long ago, to Norwegian ancients who pursued their hunt cross-country while gliding on skies, these graphic hunting images will thrill the hunter in your life! Each offer their own masterful artwork.

Beautiful Young Boy and St. Bernard Dog Drinking Fountain
Beautiful Young Boy and St. Bernard Dog Drinking Fountain

Antique Bronze Fountain with Boy and St. Bernard

Three foot Tall Bronze Statue Drinking Fountain

Young Boy and St. Bernard Dog Drinking at the Same fountain

This highly details sculpture is made from beautiful as well as durable materials as it depicts a boy and his trusty dog. The friendship between a boy and his dog is evident in this striking pose, as they both pause for a refreshing drink from the local water fountain. Resin constructed, with an antique bronze finish, this piece of heart warming art is actually a functional fountain! A quality water pump is included with this 31" high X 33-¾" wide design. The thrill of childhood friendship never escapes our dog loving minds and this work screams of a wonderful dog friendly childhood memory! Created from durable resin, this piece will last a lifetime!


Fine Porcelain "Salt and Pepper" Shaker Dog Figurines

Below you will want to try these cute and cuddly "Dog Figurine Salt and Pepper Dispensers." Each offers a delightful fashion statement that pertains to your dog lovers personality or career! You will find a Boxing Boxer dog who is getting in a good work out on the heavy bag, a devoted caring Medical Dog Team, a set of K9 Golf enthusiasts, a cowboy and Indian fuzzy duo, the brave Firefighter Dog and Hydrant set, and last but not least a creative taste making team of porcelain doggy chefs! Each bring a smile and are a conversation starter at the dinner table without a doubt! Just imagine your dog lover ripping off the wrapping paper to find a fine porcelain salt and pepper shaker set that shows their love for dogs as well as career and interests. You'll be in their thoughts every time a little seasoning need be applied! These area can't miss gifts!


Key Chains with a Dog Theme

What dog doesn't like the jingle of a key chain? His favorite person is arriving home, it's time for a car ride, the mails here, or even the clinking sound warns him he is on his way to visit the vet! No matter what your dog thinks of a key chain, these cute breed related gifts keep your favorite canine friend near your thoughts all day long. A glance or a touch from your K9 themed Key Chain will bring a smile as you picture Fido romping to the door to greet you after a hard days work and the bumper-to-bumper ride home. The fresh fuzzy face of a good friend is hard to surpass when walking through the front door! Be the jingle in this years gift box with one of these doggone good gift ideas!


Dog Themed Bookmarks

These wonderfully sweet dog lover bookmarks are beautifully designed with a scripted font that expounds on the loving nature of our fantastic dog friends in a poetic saying. They are created from metal, and have a blue ribbon and paw embossed charm attached. One of three sayings are printed in a fancy font using carefully applied enamel material. These charming bookmarks keep your K9 close even when you're enjoying a quiet moment with a really good book! Classy, durable, and very special each bookmark makes a perfect gift idea for the dog lover who also has a passion for reading...know anyone like that?

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  • K9keystrokes profile image

    India Arnold 6 years ago from Northern, California

    femmeflashpoint~ I actually am NOT an advocate of hunting myself, but like you, my family and several friends are true hunters. Our conversations can get a bit heated when broaching the subject! A friend asked that I put a few words down for the sake of hunters this seasons, and this is what I could manage. Thanks so much for stopping by today! I sure enjoy hearing from you!



  • profile image

    femmeflashpoint 6 years ago


    I'm one of the few in my family who detests the idea of hunting. But LOVEEEE dogs!!!

    Very cool stuff you've posted here, but the dilemma of "decisons - decisons" set in when scanning the choices, lol.

    However ... I can always let THEM choose. :)

  • ehow101 profile image

    ehow101 6 years ago from LA

    I have to admit, that's really CUTE :-)

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Great collection of gift items for the dog lovers everywhere. Thanks for the ideas!