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Husky Separation Anxiety Solutions

Updated on September 1, 2010
Husky Separation Anxiety
Husky Separation Anxiety

The Real Reasons Behind Husky Separation Anxiety
Husky behavior problems are mostly linked to separation anxiety. In turn behavior issues are the major explanation why huskies finish up at rescue shelters. As a husky lover this all makes me incredibly sad because husky separation anxiety and the connected behavior issues can be prevented and cured.

There is nothing more heart breaking for a husky owner than hearing your husky howling or whining because of sadness from separation anxiety. What can ensue is very harmful behavior such as barking, attack, biting, leaping, chewing and escaping. If your husky is beginning to have obedience problems there is a good chance that your husky has separation anxiety.

Huskies are by nature incredibly pack orientated. Your husky sees you and your family unit people as his pack. If your husky feels abandoned as well as separated from the pack your husky could start to develop separation anxiety. Husky Separation Anxiety often shows itself as howling and damaging behavior. What leads to these issues is your husky being in a bad frame of mind due to separation anxiety. The good news is that by the time you finish studying this article you will be armed with the wisdom to help your husky on the path to wellness.

What Causes Husky Separation Anxiety
Husky separation anxiety can be traced back to your huskies normal reliance on pack life. Huskies are enormously communal and retain a strong inner yearning to exist in a pack and intermingle in a pack. If your husky were still in the wild they would never be separated from the pack. This includes eating, hunting, sleeping and traveling.

Humans who through necessity operate as individuals habitually overlook that their husky will be missing pack life when you are away. As the leader of the pack you are the source of security and chow for your husky. It goes against every fiber of a huskies being to be away from the pack.

Five Husky Separation Anxiety Signs and Symptoms
1. As soon as your husky realized you are departing the home they start to howl, whine or become excessively attached to you physically.

2. If your husky starts acting badly when they realize you are departing this might (but not always) be an indicator that they are wanting attention because of separation anxiety.

3. If your husky is unnaturally close by to you every moment you are at home then they may be very concerned that you are going to depart once more.

4. Physical problems consist of but are not constrained to whining, howling, crying and trembling.

5. Your house trained husky unexpectedly starts going to the toilet constantly inside the home.

Basic Husky Separation Anxiety Solutions

Relationship Building - You should to be cautious not to raise an overly dependent husky whilst you are rearing your husky as a pup. You ought to cultivate a relationship where your husky is dependent on you while not being so reliant that they are not able to behave when you are not around. Be firm but fair with your husky and do not smother your husky.

Basic Dog Obedience - It is a well known fact that huskies that get essential obedience training tend to suffer less from separation anxiety due to the trust created through the training process. An obedient husky that has had lots of contact with humans and other dogs should have less separation anxiety issues.

Separation Training - Your husky desires to know you will come home whenever you disappear someplace. The best way to do this is to go through a deliberate method of departing for a few minutes and then returning. When you depart. place your husky in a space that they are familiar with. Increase the quantity of time you are absent making certain you return to give your husky assurance. By doing this over a period of time you will see that your husky will grow to be more self-assured and calm about you going away. Praise as well as treats are a good way to treat your husky for waiting calmly. As a last resort medication can be approved to assist your husky to defeat separation anxiety.

Crate Training - Husky Crate Training is a good tactic to avoid separation anxiety in a husky more than ever at the time that they are a pup. Slowly initiate your husky to a room where they feel secure. Leave a choice play toy and an item that carries your scent to aid with making your husky feel at ease.

Regular Exercise - Huskies require a lot of exercise and you will see a vast improvement in behavior through daily walks and play time. Stress is to a great extent reduced in your husky whenever they have the opportunity to work out much the same as their owners.

Patience - You need to give your husky time to get used to you not being at home. This is even more relevant if your husky is a rescue husky. Your husky needs to feel secure within a pack and they can not help feeling anxiety. You are the safety blanket for your husky. There is absolutely no reason to put down a husky because they yearn for you so much. Stay patient and you will benefit from being the owner of a very loyal and loving family dog.

A Content Husky - Give your husky all the necessities that they could do with prior to departing. Necessities such as water, food, shelter and toys will help to stop your husky from developing husky separation anxiety.


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