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What Boxer-Pit Mix Breeds are Like

Updated on July 27, 2016
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Are you on the search for a four legged furry addition to your family? If you want one that is very loving, energetic and sweet while also believing that their duty is to be watchdog and guardian-a Bull Boxer Pit may be just the dog for you!

Many people only look for pure-bred dogs which give consistency in characteristics. When two different breeds are mated the offspring are born with a combination of all the characteristics of it’s parents. The possible set of trait combinations are much broader in a hybrid than a pure-bred. Some believe that makes for a better family pet and companion than dog show performer.

The Bull Boxer Pit is a cross between the pure-bred Pit Bull and Boxer. It has been call by several different names:Bullboxer Pit, American Bull boxer and the Bullboxer. This strong dog usually favor the boxer build with broad barrel chest, muscular front legs and a body that narrows into the hip and back legs. It is considered a large breed dog usually weighing 35-75 lbs and approximately 18-27 inches high. All have short, shimmery coats and are easily groomed. Markings and coloration differ from dog to dog to include fawn, red tan, brindle and splashes of white in varying amounts. When the white goes beyond the face, chest and paws to include the trunk it is referred to by some in the Boxer world as ‘flash’. Flash is unique to each dog.

Bullboxers are easygoing with their family. They tend to be protective and consider it their job to be the guardian. So, these characteristics make them excellent watch dogs. They love being active and actually need daily physical exercise to maintain health, even temperament and avoid destructive behavior due to anxiety and frustration. Proper socialization is necessary to ensure acceptable behavior with family, children and other animals.

Because the bullboxer is a hybrid of the boxer and pit bull your dog will be some combination of the two. Getting to know your new family member will help you decide which traits are most prominent.

Boxer’s tend to be playful, devoted and very social beings. They are good with family but may be aggressive with strange animals (until acclamated to them) due to their strong desire to protect the pack-their family. They have a naturally happy disposition, are enrgetic and very curious. Giving them an outlet and routine opportunities to dispel much of that enrgy and curiosity will maintain playfulness without the destruction or aggression.

Pit bulls are also playful, devoted and gentle with family but do not do well with smaller animals because of it’s strong hunter instinct.The pain tolerance is high for this breed which make it very tolerable to the innocent roughness some toddlers can dish out. As with the boxer, it also needs daily exercise to maintain a balanced demeanor while avoiding aggression toward others they may view as a threat against its pack/family or domain. The reputation that has been portrayed of the pit bull is that of a highly aggressive killing machine. The truth is this breed can be (and has been) trained to be much more aggressive than it’s natural temperment but does not have violent traits in the forefront of it’s personality. Again, socialization and training is a must.

Socialization, as mentioned for both breeds, is very important and can be achieved by creating a family hierarchy where the dog knows who’s the leader of the pack and where his place is in that pack. This promotes stability for the dog and a sense of peace and balance (as with any dog). The results of this stability are loyalty, love and obedience to the family. Without this needed balance, traits you could see are boisterousness, demanding attention, destruction of property and defiance when it comes to obeying commands. This lack of distinct role definement results in boosting the dog’s natural instinct to establish some sort of balance in the pack which they understand.

The average life span of a healthy bullboxer is 12-15 years. The major health concerns of this breed are heart disease and skin cancer. Due to it’s short, thin coat it is very suseptible to sunburns. Although these dogs love being active outdoors they need lots of shade.

Bullboxers do well as inside dogs as long as they get daily exercise either with a large fenced yard or frequent trips to the park. Toys are a favorite with this dog, especially the ones that allow them to release their need to chew. Because of their strong jaws and drive for chewing, make sure to buy durable toys (ones made of rubber are usually better than plastic and definitely better than fabric) and inspect them regularly for signs of wear or missing pieces. Replace worn toys frequently to avoid pieces being swallowed.

The playfulness of a bullboxer can reach levels of purely comical at times. Their lovingness will melt your heart and their fearless protectiveness will make you feel safe and loved like nothing else!

If you are looking for an addition to your family that will be a friend to the end and you are willing to take the time (and sometimes challenges) that come with it you will be very rewarded and blessed by adopting a bullboxer into your family!

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