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Hypoallergenic Dog Treats Dogs Love

Updated on September 25, 2010

Dog with allergies use hypo allergenic treats

With the world we live in now it's easy to find hypoallergenic dog treats. Their are lots of different brands that make dog treats for dogs that have allergies. Now allergies are on the rise because of the quality of life increase that people have for dogs. Going to a pet store it can be difficult or confusing to find a hypoallergenic dog treat but I'm here to help you figure out what dog treats to feed dogs as well as hypoallergenic dog foods.

My favorite hypoallergenic dog treat is the Pumpkin Powered Pet Treats provide a great tasting dog treat with great quality good things for your dog. Theirs bits of cinnamon, vanilla, and selected fruits accent a warm pumpkin muffin aroma. This dog treat is perfect for dogs with allergies.

The Premier Hypo Allergenic dogs treat are great because they contain no Soy, Corn, Eggs, Animal By Products, Preservatives, Wheat, Dairy, and Kelp Theishypo Allergenic Liver Biscotti is an all natural wholesome treat for your dogs regular diet. Each 8 oz. bag contains over 300 treats.

Great one ingredient treats!!

Theirs also treats out the that are 100% real beef or chicken. That means the only ingredient is chicken or beef nothing else. The treats are great my dog loves them and hasn't had a problem with his allergies since eating those.

I also like the sweet potato nugget dog treat for dogs with allergies because it comes in beef, chicken. goat. rabbit. duck. It'd tough to find dog treat that have that wide of a range of ingredients in it. The rabbit, goat and duck are perfect because some dogs can be allergic to beef and chicken.

Check out these great Wheat Free Dog Treats


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