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I Am Pitbull Strong

Updated on February 2, 2019

A Little Boy With a Mission

Macs Freedom Picture
Macs Freedom Picture | Source

How One Puppy has Moved a Nation

In a town in Missouri, Cape Girardeau , is a family of love and one boys mission to save the unjust treatment of animals.

If you do not follow Mac the Pitbull on Facebook, you are missing out on a mission of a puppy who has helped dogs in need as far as Lima Peru.

Mac is a Pitbull who was rescued April 7, 2011. Mac weighed 4LBS when his foster mom got him at 3 months of age and they didn't know he would survive. 5 leg surgeries later and touch and go situations with this amazing dog and his mom, they now want to make all dogs dreams come true. They are strong advocates for pitbulls but they have helped many dogs and cats and even an iguana from abuse and neglect to happy healthy adoptable animals.

In 2013 and 2014 they have given away over $44,000 dollars to help with life saving surgeries, mange treatment, heart worm treatment and other various vet bills.

His mother says he is her heart walking around the outside of her body and she was Mac's foster failure. She was only going to foster him but he was only the beginning to this family.

Mac Growing Into a Beautiful Pitbull



Meet Lily

Lily was in a shelter in Miami and was going to be euthanized but Macs Mission had her pulled and she is now traveling to Missouri to Macs fosters. Lily has a massive mammary tumor, is heart worm positive and has never been spayed. She was probably used as a breed dog and when no longer useful put in a shelter to die.

Mac's Mission sponsors these lucky animals from different funds.



Meet Marshall

Marshall, a Shar-pei puppy, won the hearts of all of us who follow Mac on Facebook. He was the product of backyard breeding. He was very sickly and was covered in mange and we all pulled our positive thoughts and prayers for this young baby to survive.

Unfortunately Marshall could not fight anymore and crossed the rainbow bridge where he runs free from pain. Macs Mission ran a T-shirt campaign for Marshall and have a fund to help other Marshalls. I proudly wear my T-shirt and when people ask who the puppy is I say "a little baby who was born into a terrible situation because humans don't take responsibility so Marshall had to die".

The tears that flowed from all of us could have been a river. To this day Marshall is in our hearts and gives us hope that one day there will be no Marshalls born to breeders but there is a long way to go.



Meet Effe

Effe lived in Lima Peru and had stayed in a bathtub for a long time. He didn't know what grass felt like or even how it would feel to go for a walk. His light was dimming in his eyes to ever know what love was. Macs Mission was contacted to save him. A team of grunts as Mac calls them planned out the flight and his drive to Missouri. He flew in to the Miami airport and was met by a couple who would keep him overnight and then the travel began. Effe went to the beach for the first time in his life. He has walked on grass. He had a big welcome home as he reached Macs town. He was brought to Macs trainer to learn how to be a dog again.

Yes sometimes they need to learn what a dog's pleasure is in life. There should never be Effe's in the world ever but these are the times we have right now.

Mac the Pit bull


Mac is Love

The picture above is Mac. He is five years old now and his mission has sponsored many surgeries, vetting bills and fostered many animals that would have been other wise euthanized. You will have to go to his page to see all the dogs, cats and other animals he has rescued.

He takes cheeseburgers and toys to his local shelter for the dogs but Mac likes cheeseburgers so I am sure that is his way to get one lol. His mom and many others are the ones that have made his mission so successful.

He accepts donations through PayPal. at

He also has an etsy store that sells shirts and other things his mom has created.

All money is used for Macs mission. They are working on securing some land to have their own rescue. It has been a wild journey thus far for Mac but one little boy who has made others lives better is a dream come true for Mac and his mom.

The Mac pack

Peanut, Zayda (or Fat Stack) Dibs the Frenchie who as another foster failure and Mac
Peanut, Zayda (or Fat Stack) Dibs the Frenchie who as another foster failure and Mac | Source

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