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I Dig Redworms, so Deal With it

Updated on May 22, 2020
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Proof Positive That Little Girls Love Worms

Have you Really Thought About

redworms? Okay. Have you really thought about earthworms? Don't get shaky here, for by the looks, redworms and earthworms look almost the same, but there is a dfference. And thanks to our friends at Google, read this: earthworms feed on dead organic materials that they carry with them into the underground. Red wigglers differ from earthworms in their aggressiveness, though they eat as much as the earthworms do. Red wigglers take their food on the soil surface; earthworms do not.

Of course, this one donating difference is seen during the spring and summer when fishermen dig the redworms (or wigglers), hit the lake or creek bank and see just how many blue gill, sun perch, and catfish they can catch. These rituals are a fantastic way to bring home a delicious supper--all without dragging the wife and kdis to a popular seafood restaurant.

Back to the difference between red wigglers and earthworms, well, did you also know that our friend, the earthworm, can move over 40 tons of soil over the course of their lifetime? "Earth's Bulldozer," would be a better name. I mean, these little red guys work almost day and night. And since they are not unionized, the sky's the limit.

Say hello to our good friend, the redworm.
Say hello to our good friend, the redworm. | Source

As for the Earthworms

these critters are so aggressive that they do not back off for any deceased insect or animal carcass. But in cases above ground, a dangerous dog, if met by several opposing, bigger dangerous dogs, will move to another neighborhood. These dogs are very wise. But not earthworms. They are very happy in their “own slimy skin” but they love it. I think that there is a lesson for us humans in that analogy.

Please allow me the privilege of asking you a few questions about Redworms and Earthworms . . .

  • Do the professional golfers ever realize that earthworms and redworms are always at work underneath their golf courses?
  • Ever wonder why these worms are never used as pranks to “spike” the punch at senior proms?
  • Why, do you think, are these little guys always persecuted by puncturing them with nasty fish hooks? I think that PETA should investigate this cruelty.
  • Why isn’t there any popular TV shows in Prime Time? Talk about discrimination.

I could go further, but I think that you get the point. And you will enjoy (maybe be interested) in the following text block that I love to call . . .

Cute Names for the Earthworm and Redworm:

  • “Slick”
  • “Silent Slick”
  • “Red Rover”
  • “Earth to Eddie”
  • “Fish Hook Hero”
  • “Digger”

I worked hard to come up with these names. What names would you like to contribute?

Redworms get lonely too, so I am giving them a Redworm Pageant.
Redworms get lonely too, so I am giving them a Redworm Pageant. | Source

But Don’t Feel so Upset

because someone told you that earthworms and redworms have not done their part in the Film Industry. If some know-it-all told you this . . .well, they lied.

Do you recall these hit redworm-cameo movies:

  • “Slither”

  • “Squirm”

  • “Tremors”
  • “King Kong”
  • “Beetlejuice”
  • “Burrowers”
  • “The Empire Strikes Back (1980)”

But in my research, sadly I found out that at no time did we ever see earthworms and redworms have a decent role in The Rifleman; Wagon Train; The Big Valley or Bonanza. If you enjoy watching the Western re-runs, you may find that although the worms did not get an acting role in these TV shows, but sometimes they are there in name only.

Here is a clever example:

Hoss Cartwright: “Uhhh, say, Jeremy. What’s that you have in that can?”

Jeremy: “Mr. Hoss, these are redworms.”

Hoss Cartwright: “Ohhh, Hop Sing sent you to dig them so he could cook with them?”

Jeremy: “No, I am heading to the nearest body of water and use them for fishing.”

My Summary

I have exhausted myself in presenting you with some interesting facts about redworms and earthworms, and I know that this piece cannot compete with the authors of books who write about nothing but redworms and earthworms . . .so the best I can give you is:

The next time you see an earthworm or redworm, do the nice thing and take it to lunch.”

(not as a dish, but a guest).

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Redworms: this is Your Day!
Redworms: this is Your Day! | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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