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I Found the Best Etsy Shop for Dog Clothes

Updated on December 2, 2018
Ellison Hartley profile image

Ellison is a lifelong dog lover and a supporter of dog rescues. She has fostered 60-some dogs and loved every single one of them.

My Big Dogs Don't Wear Clothes Well

Try as I might keeping jackets and coats on my big dogs when they are hanging out outside in the cold weather, it doesn't work. They rip them off each other. Evidently, playing tug of war is more important than staying warm!

That being said, the most exciting thing to me about my newest addition, little Ziva, is that I can buy clothes for her. My last little dog was a Yorkshire mix who had a lot of hair and didn't like being outside in the first place. So buying clothes for him was never something I wanted or needed to do.

Ziva, on the other hand, is a short coated dog and wants to be wherever I'm. Meaning she wants to be at the barn with me when I go out and teach lessons, even if it means being out in the cold.

I decided I needed to find Ziva some warm winter clothes. I bought some cheaper stuff on eBay ( none of which has even come yet, probably because it is from China!). In the process of dog clothes shopping, I decided to look on Etsy. I love to support small business and I buy as much as I can from Etsy shops.

Meet Zegna, the doberman, non-wearer of dog clothes!
Meet Zegna, the doberman, non-wearer of dog clothes! | Source
Raylan is a handsome man, but also not interested in fashion.
Raylan is a handsome man, but also not interested in fashion. | Source
Banjo, more interested in checking pockets for treats than dog outfits!
Banjo, more interested in checking pockets for treats than dog outfits! | Source
Finally, Ziva, my little baby dog that loves following me around and wearing clothes!
Finally, Ziva, my little baby dog that loves following me around and wearing clothes! | Source

Be Still My Heart, I Found Crochet Cutique On Etsy!

I found Crochet Cutique on Etsy and fell in love with the fleece pajamas she had for sale.

There was a variety of adorable patterns and a variety of sizes are also available. Since my dog is a mixed breed, and I measured her and was still a little unsure of what size to order, I contacted the shop owner, who responded right away and helped me figure it out.

I placed my order and anxiously awaited its arrival. You would have thought I was waiting on clothes for myself, not clothes for my little dog!

Are those not the cutest pajamas you have ever seen?
Are those not the cutest pajamas you have ever seen? | Source

They Arrived Quickly!

The package arrived quickly, within a week, from El Paso, Texas to Maryland. I didn't pay for any expedited shipping so I was pretty impressed with how fast they got here.

They fit Ziva perfectly. They are cut comfortably for her to move around in outside, or lounge around the house in. She still can jump up on the bed or into the car because they do not restrict her movement at all.

The back part of the pajamas is completely open so that you can take your dog out to do their business and not have to worry about taking the pajamas off or them getting soiled in any way.

The fleece is high quality, very soft and warm and the craftsmanship is super professional. I bought Ziva two pairs, one is pink with little baby deer and hearts on it, the other is like mermaid scales.

The deer pair was $13 and the mermaid $15 (since it is made with two different fleeces I'm assuming). The shipping cost was very reasonable $5.50 and like I said they came super fast!! Less than a week.

They are both totally precious. I'm so thrilled with them, and I think if Ziva could talk she would say she was thrilled too!

She says stop taking my picture please!
She says stop taking my picture please! | Source
Ziva's mermaid pajamas!
Ziva's mermaid pajamas! | Source

Check Out Crochet Cutique on Etsy

Check out Crochet Cutique on Etsy, I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed. The variety and quality of her homemade dog clothes are amazing.

I'm already eyeing up some holiday patterns for my next order! As well, as maybe sneaking the shop a message to see if they could find me a certain fleece pattern. She was so helpful and responsive when I needed sizing help, I think she would be open to custom orders, especially if its something simple like a certain fleece pattern I'd like to find.

Support Small Business

I have not been paid to write this post. I simply was so excited to find such a great product, with a great price, quality and customer service, that I just had to share with my fellow dog lovers.

Let's all bundle up our pups in fleece pajamas from Crochet Cutique this winter season. The cuteness will be unbearable!


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  • Ellison Hartley profile imageAUTHOR

    Ellison Hartley 

    18 months ago from Maryland, USA

    I have watched binge watched the whole series multiple times! I hope you get to enjoy it again soon.

  • profile image


    18 months ago from bryan texas

    I love how you named your dog Ziva off of NCIS I love that show

    I used to watch it with my father but I can't now


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