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Monster the Love Pug! Information on Pugs, Pug Gifts and Gifts for a Pug Lover

Updated on January 22, 2014
Zoe on the beach in Destin Florida
Zoe on the beach in Destin Florida

My Pugs

I've had two pugs over the past 8 years and they make amazing pets. I bought my first pug Zoe for myself as a birthday gift in 2002. She was adorable-tiny with big bug eyes. I loved taking her places with me-to the movies, the hairdressers, shopping, and to school. She even went on vacation with us to Florida. She was so funny looking she was cute and I think that is the reason I loved her so much. I could always count on her to brighten up my day-no matter what was wrong all I had to do was look at her and I would laugh. Two years ago Zoe was hit by a car and killed. Although she was a great pet, she wasn't very smart and unfortunately she didn't realize that chasing cars could be fatal. I got my second pug Monster 3 years ago. He doesn't look like Zoe did-he's bigger and his eyes don't bug out. I have had people tell me over and over again, "That's one good looking pug." A statement that I can't identify with because I think pugs look a little like a catfish or a frog. Monster has a personality and a half-he is always happy to see you and will dance around you when you come into the house. He likes to talk and has absolutely no problem letting you know when he wants attention. He gets frustrated when I read a book or am on the computer and will paw at me and make a "hmph" noise until I pay attention to him. He makes the same noise every night at the side of my bed until I pick him up and let him sleep by me. He loves to be held like a baby and have his tummy rubbed, and his best friend a chihuahua named Max that lives next door. He does have one very bad habit, he loves the ladies. His nickname around the neighborhood is "Monster the Love Pug". He has impregnated my daschund 3 times, my chihuahua twice, and the neighbors Lhasa once. He is scheduled to visit the vet in a few weeks and his days of being the neighborhood gigolo will be over.

Origions of the Pug

Pugs were originally bred in China for the elite of society. They were the prized pets of emperors and buddhist monks. The breed then spread to Japan, and to England and later to America. Pugs are square stocky dogs with chubby bodies and short legs. They weigh between 14 and 18 lbs. They have big round heads and large googly eyes. They have large wrinkles on their heads and a small under bite. Pugs come in black and fawn. If you want further information on what the breed should look like follow the link for the AKC standards.

Health Issues

Pugs tend to be healthy dogs but they do have several health issues that are worth noting. First and foremost-some pugs have issues with their anal glands that cause them to secrete a foul smelling discharge. My pug Zoe had this problem, but Monster does not. You never knew when it was going to happen to Zoe but you always knew exactly when she expressed her anal glands because of the awful smell. The solution for most pug owners who have dogs with this problem is to take the dog to the vet regularly and have their anal glands expressed. You can do it yourself, but if you are like me you would rather have someone else do it.

Next-pugs have enormous buggy eyes which are prone to get scratched or injured. If you notice your pugs eyes being weepy or red he may have an ulcer on his cornea and it needs to be treated right away. Ulcers can deepen very quickly and cause the eye to rupture. Also, because a pug's eyes protrude they can pop out very easily. If this happens your pug needs emergency attention immediately to prevent the loss of sight in the eye.

Pugs have loads of hair and shed A lot. If you don't want to deal with dog hair-don't get a pug. Some pugs have allergies that cause them to chew at their skin and have excess shedding. This condition can usually be treated easily with medication and special shampoos. Pugs can also get yeast infections on their skin so it is very important to keep the folds on their heads and faces very clean. My Zoe was prone to skin infections, but Monster is not. (I purchased Zoe in a pet store and she had numerous health problems. I found out later that she was from a puppy mill. She had problems with one of her back legs and when I brought this to the store owners attention he offered to give me a credit for my purchase price and euthanize Zoe-as you can guess I told the store owner where he could stick his credit and never went to the store again. Monster on the other hand was purchased from a home breeder I knew and as I said we haven't had any health issues with him.)

Pugs have very short snouts and tend to have breathing issues. My Monster snores very LOUDLY and I have to watch him in the summer time so he doesn't get overheated. It gets very hot in Oklahoma so I make sure not to keep him outside too long during the hot spells.

One last health issue that needs to be mentioned is obesity. Pugs tend to eat a lot. The more you feed them the more they will want  whick will result in them being overweight. My Monster is a pig with a capital P. He can never get enough to eat and follows me religiously whenever I go into the kitchen. It's easy to look at him with his big bug eyes and sad face and think that he is hungry, even when I know  he isn't. I've noticed lately that he has little fat rolls on his back-a sure sign he is eating too much and needs to cut back on his snacking.

Great Gifts for the Pug and Pug Lover

If you want to get great gifts for that pug lover you know you should check out the Danbury Mint. They have tons of things guaranteed to put a smile on any pug lover's face. They stock figurines, clothing, blankets, wall décor, and many many other unique products. B.A. Barkers is another great place for collectibles and so is Animal World (both links are below). If you are looking for items for your dog, check out Hands N Paws  and Fashionable Fur Babies for some crack-up fashions for your little butterball.

I hope you find this hub informative and amusing. Pugs make great pets and if you have any questions or would like to share your own pug story please feel free to leave comments below. Happy Pugging.

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