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I Think She Rescued Me.

Updated on May 11, 2012
This is Daisy, just as she was found.  A big ball of matted fur with the sweetest disposition.  I was positive someone was looking for her.
This is Daisy, just as she was found. A big ball of matted fur with the sweetest disposition. I was positive someone was looking for her.
Wow, can you believe this is the same dog?  Skin and bones but no matted hair.
Wow, can you believe this is the same dog? Skin and bones but no matted hair.
Daisy's first trip to the groomer, after her first vet visit...Wow, what a busy week.
Daisy's first trip to the groomer, after her first vet visit...Wow, what a busy week.

My Relationship Story, Daisy Mae and I!

It was the during Hanukkah, December 2009. I can remember it so clearly because it was particularly cold and rainy, (I live in Texas and cold here is anytime the mercury gets close to 32 degrees), and I was catering Hanukkah Dinner for a local Jewish Temple. Finally off work, I make my way toward my car. I have visions of building a fire in the fireplace, a nice glass of wine and a little shut-eye. As I make it to my car, I notice a missed message from my sister. It reads: 'Sarah, do you think you can swing by here on your way home tonight?' As much as I was looking forward to my visions of rest and relaxation, I replied that I couldn't stay long but ok. We only live a mile from each other so it was sort-of on my way home.

Started to drive home, the wind is howling and it is starting to sprinkle. I personally LOVE a roaring fire when it is cold and raining and couldn't wait to get home. Suddenly, my phone rings. It was my dad. Just after his initial greeting, and I might add in a very suspicious tone of voice, he says 'So, are you on the way to your sisters house?' Now I smell a rat. Fortunately, dad's lack of knowledge of the surprise factor allowed me to gain valuable knowledge before I arrived. I asked how he knew I was going over. Dad really had no idea that he was spilling the beans when he answered, 'Oh cause she is going to try to get you to keep this puppy she found.'

I had about ten minutes to let that sink in. I love dogs and always had one growing up, but recently I had been traveling for work often and for months at a time. Could I even consider that responsibility right now? I decided to play it by ear. I let my sister play out her little surprise. The puppy was a poodle mix of something and a complete ball of white fur that was matted all the way to the skin. The poor thing was finally warm but a little skittish, skinny but not too skinny. My sisters biggest sales pitch was that her husband would not let her keep another and her latest four legged addition to her family, a Boxer mix, was not dealing with the competition in a possitive manner.

Then this ball of fur came close to me to investigate the new arrival. After the normal hand smelling and the first touch from me...She raised up on her hind legs and 'hugged' me. I know you may not find that possible, but she wrapped her front paws around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. I fell in love with her instantly. My sister sent me home with poop bags, food and water bowls, a few treats and food. Our first night did not include a roaring fire and a glass of wine. It was an all-night er of whimpering and walks outside. She did not have an accident all night. She relieved herself each and every time we went outside. Although it may sound like a miserable night, we also had a few laughs and my love for her grew.

By the time my sister got home from work the next day, I was convinced that she must be lost. There was probably a little boy or girl crying themselves to sleep each night missing her. I took her picture, made posters and flyer's, papered pet stores, schools and street corners determined to find her home. Then I waited. My phone never rang. By the end of theotth I don't think I would have been able to give her up if it did.

By January 16, 2010, she had been named Daisy Mae and had visited her new vet for a health check, shots and spay. He estimated her age to be 7-8 months, healthy but needed to put on a little weight and visit a groomer to correct all of the matting fur. She will be 4 years old on her April 16th "Birthday". She is such an amazing addition to my life. Our life together has really made me a spokesman for adoption and I tell our story as many times as I can. Just in case your adoption story is similar to mine so far but you have nat seen the vet yet. Our first little wrinkle in our story. Be prepared for this life changing reveal and decision you may have to face. The vet says, 'well, mom, you have a decision to make. Daisy is pregnant.' PANIC...FEAR...I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE A MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER ALL IN ONE DAY!!

If you have a great story or you are still on the fence about becoming a dog owner, share your thoughts and concerns. For some great tips about adoption and how to choose the right dog for your lifestyle, check out I would love to share my knowledge with you and help if I can. Thanks for taking the time to hear our story.

Daisy is always up to some crazy antics. Her name has been ammended to Crazy Daisy Mae. Check back on this hub for more stories about her antics.

Adding now some more to My relationship story with Daisy

My Decision about Becoming a Grandmother

So here I go on a continuation of my adoption story. The Vet had just told me that Daisy was pregnant. I just looked at him with what was probably a really confused look on my face. He explained that the decision was all mine. I finally got over my shock and realized that I needed to gain some knowledge before I could make this very hard and important decision. Thank goodness my vet was patient and allowed me to stumble through my thoughts. Through a very thorough Q and A, I found out that due to Daisy's age, she was probably experiencing her first heat. He also informed me that he could feel at least 4 puppies and that with no knowledge of what size of dog she had come in contact, the size of the puppies could actually harm her during birth. That was really the deciding factor. How could I allow Daisy harm? She had already been through enough, being abandoned, left out on the streets in freezing temperatures.

My vet then kept her for surgery. She was to be spayed as well. On my return visit to pick my sweet Daisy Mae up and take her home, my vet informed me that I had made the right decision. Daisy was carrying 8 puppies from 4 different donors. (Yeah, I really had no idea that dogs could get pregnant from multiple dogs) Four of the puppies were large breed and could have ended her life if carried to term and delivery.

So now, when I have the undivided attention of a captive audience, I add that not only did my Daisy Mae survive on the cold freezing streets, abandoned and scared, but she was also used and abused by at least four neighborhood dogs. Now, there is always a smart remark from someone hearing my story, that maybe my sweet Daisy was really just very 'loose and easy' and not the sweet angel I believed her to be. This will always be a mystery. I know that I will always lean towards angelic.

The Learning Curve of Walking on a Leash

As I continue on our road towards harmonious life, our very first challenge was learning to walk on a leash. During our first night together, I mentioned that there were many trips outside which always resulted in some sort of 'business'. I look back on it now, knowing the manipulative antics of my very smart dog, and I know that she was testing me. 'hmmm, if I whine and walk to the door, this human will take me outside. Since I don't know if she is really a nice human or bad like my last home, I need an escape route.' I can almost hear her thinking. As one day turned into two, two weeks turned to three, and no one called to claim her I knew, not only that she was mine, but also that training needed to begin.

Day two, I bought a collar and a leash. I live in an apartment complex which has strict 'doggie relief areas'. At the time, I lived on the second floor and Daisy either could not or would not navigate the stairs. This lead me to carry her up and down when she needed to go. I know, you can probably see how smart she is and how gullible her mommy is already. (I won't say how long I continued to carry her up and down no matter how hard you try to get it out of me!)

When I brought the collar and leash home, Daisy let me put the collar on without incident. I hooked up the leash, carried her down the stairs, began our walk. Daisy quickly discovered the difference. She would sit, refuse to investigate a potty spot, refuse to budge. Little by little, she became accustomed to the leash with some heeling training involved.

But here is the adorable thing that she would do that challenged my resolve for consistent training. As you all can relate, I am sure, there were times when mommy was in a hurry or running late. Really needed to fit in a walk before work. This would usually happen when a nice cool breeze was freezing me out but Daisy, with her fur coat, absolutely loved. Daisy would complete her 'business' and I would turn to go back to the house. She would keep step with me, being a good dog, then about 20 feet from the bottom of the stairs, I would suddenly feel a tug on the leash.

Turning around, I see my angelic Daisy sitting in her defiant stance with one of her front paws lifted up and over the top of the leash, effectively conveying the idea that this walk was not yet over and she was not ready to go back inside just yet. (she rarely does this anymore but if she ever does I will try to take a picture) I admit, she looked so cute and I, a new owner made rookie mistakes, I cracked the learning curve of training and would let her get away with this little defiant maneuver so that she could enjoy the chill in the air a little longer. Luckily, I saw the dangers of allowing her to 'be the boss' if even for a minute and stuck to consistent training, retained the title of boss, and therefore have a harmonious home.

The moral of this addition is that all puppies are cute. All puppies want you to let them do what they want to do. If you are not able to re-take control, you will be left with a home in which the canine rules the human.

that little defiant paw over the, I am not wanting to go where you want me to go!
that little defiant paw over the, I am not wanting to go where you want me to go! | Source

Daisy pics

Even if she feels silly, Daisy always wants to make me happy...
Even if she feels silly, Daisy always wants to make me happy... | Source
Daisy with her first toy, her Lion.
Daisy with her first toy, her Lion.

She is Such A Smart Dog!

Daisy's first toy was a stuffed lion. Her second was a monkey. She liberated one of my stuffed teddy bears as hers. As we would play, I would tell her, 'Daisy, go get your lion.' Amazingly, Daisy would always then go get her lion. As her stash of toys grew...I promise...each different toy she seemed to know by name and when asked, 'Daisy go get your monkey' she would burst out of the room and come hopping back with the monkey in tow. I was in the beginning stages of a new relationship at the time. My new boyfriend would often tell me that I was crazy to believe that Daisy was smart enough to know the proper names of her toys and fetch them by name. Now this is the part of the story that dog owners out there will have to back me up. With an audience, meaning when anyone was there to verify her super abilities, her percentage rate of correctness was not as great. Eventually, as she became more accoustomed to having my new beau around, he had to admit that Daisy wasvery talented at bringing the toy that was asked.


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    • profile image

      Helena Mikala 5 years ago

      Thank you, I will remember that :) She's a labrador retriever and she's called Snowy because she's the color of snow. I keep trying to comment with a link to some photos but it won't let me, sorry :(

    • Dog Advisor profile image

      Sarah Falkner 5 years ago from Dog Advice

      Helena Mikala, Thank you for your comment. Daisy is my child. The good Lord did not bless me with children so, the 4 legged kind have kindly stepped in. Feel free to ask any questions that may arise with your new puppy. I have had a dog in my life always and have faced many obstacles along the way. You have almost 50 years experience with me. I am glad you are going to experience the love that a dog can bring to your life. What kind of dog do you have...I would love to see a picture.

    • profile image

      Helena Mikala 5 years ago

      Daisy is gorgeous! I bought my first ever puppy last year and fell in love. I'm always worrying if I'm doing things right as I've never had a dog before, but I think I'm doing ok, she follows me around everywhere and we have lots of fun together. She will be a year old next month :)

    • Dog Advisor profile image

      Sarah Falkner 6 years ago from Dog Advice

      I agree 100% She adds laughter into my life daily. Just yesterday, she pulled an new one. I had tossed out several treats to keep her busy while workmen came in and out. Finally, the repairs completed and I got a chance to get on the computer. I heard a noise that was 'odd', I could see Daisy's tail and it looked like she was staring at the wall in the foyer. I called her name and she bounded over with mud all over her face. This called for investigation. She had tried to hide one of her treats in my planter. Now the plant has gone outside for had to laugh, she was so cute with the mud and dirt covering her mustache. Wish I had taken a picture.

    • Dog Advisor profile image

      Sarah Falkner 6 years ago from Dog Advice

      Thank you for your comment Moms-Secret. Daisy is my only child. She is always amazing me with her 'reasoning' abilities and funny antics. If you would like to read about some of these funny little antics, check out

    • profile image

      rstlawre 6 years ago

      What a GREAT story. I believe it was fate that brought you into Daisy's life. How lucky Daisy is.

    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Our family had a Dalmation named Daisy Mae. She was an amazing dog that lived a very long and happy life. I wish the same for yours. I loved your story. I am so happy that you found each other. As far as the questionable comments about her 'integrity', every girl has a past these days, lol. It is not how she was, but who she is. Clearly she is a lady now. :)

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 6 years ago from California

      Sooooooooo cute!!!!