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I Used to have Pets

Updated on March 30, 2016

FIve Dogs and One Cat

It´s been around six months since I last had an animal as a pet. Having had a few pets has given me a better understanding about animal care and animal rights. They also have the right to be understood and respected. The few pets that I had, which were six; a dog and her offspring and a cat, made my life while staying in a rural área. Dogs, like you know, will always be around you, day and night, in winter or summer, during calm days or even in disaster.

Cats are more independent, but they can be your best company when you are disconnected from the world living in isolation. It was during this stage in my life, which I will never place aside for as long as I live, when I realized that pets not only provide you with company, but owning them can also be an stimulus to maintain inner energy and stamina. One also learns to behave like a dog and

The Leader of the Pack

My first pet dog, whom I named, ¨Kenia,¨ was a female labrador, who adopted me as its owner. It was during the first week of my staying in the country that she approached me. I know that she first observed me from the distance and that when she realized that I was going to stay there for a long time, then decided to remain close to me.

One week later, Kenia was staying around my camping site and were were tying knots as owner and pet. Even though their owners tried to take Kenia back to her previus home, she would always come back to me with a torn rope tied around her neck.

I used to walk around 6 miles to the nearest town to supply me with needed groceries. We would take turns while walking on sloping hills. I would walk ahead and Kenia would follow. At the voice of; ¨it´s your turn,¨ Kenia, she would take the lead and walk in front of me, while I would follow. This was a dinamic we stablished every time we had to exert certain effort while climbing a steep hill.

One thing that I admire from Kenia is that she would always behave when I had to use the internet at a café. She would seat by my feet and stayed there for as long as the task required. There were encounters with street dogs on our way, but she would just walk by my side and the dogs would remain calm. Once, we were surrounded by four big dogs! who thought they were the owners of the Street which fortituously we had to cross.

Rapid exchanges of challenging glances, which changed to a better understanding of the real object of us passing by their premises allowed us to get away from them. On subsequent strolls Kenia was wearing a nice and shining dog collar which arouse the dog´s envy. That is what I perceived by their grimaces, which resemble those of us humans.

Four Puppies


Animal Lovers

Kenia enter her reproductive stage a few months later. There were dogs trying to mark their territory around her, She picked her dog mates. There was one who visited her regularly and who probably was the one who placed its mark on her. A few months later I had four puppies around the house, who were learning very rapidly. At the age of one week, they were behaving like a six months old human babies.

Before the puppies were weaned, I had to give them under adoption; fortunately, I found an animal lover who assured me that she would take good care of them. When I placed them on a bucket which I used to carry three of them, because I decided to keep a puppy with me, I noticed certain type of terror in them. I assured them that they were going to be fine and kept talking to them all the way from my camping site to the city.

When I met the woman and her child, they became mesmerized by the how cute the puppies were, They kept playing and playing like wanting to impress their new owners. I felt certain relief and satisfaction of having found animal lovers for them.

Playful Puppy


Little Cotton Ball

The reason I did not take, ¨Little Cotton Ball¨ for adoption is that this puppy resulted very gluttonous and there was not place for her in the bucket. She was twice the size of one of her puppy brothers. When I came back that day, I decided to keep Little Cotton Ball with me.

Me, Cotton Ball and Kenia became a team of three. When filling up my supply of drinking wáter from the wáter well, Kenia would go hunting, while Little Cotton Ball would watch my back and bark if anything misterious occur around. Little Cotton Ball became the light of the house. She would always carry something in her mouth and move her head from side to side, demonstrating her powerfull mandibules.

Don´t Adopt Pets if You Can Not Take Care of Them

One day when returnig from a weekly trip to the city, I noticed that Little Cotton Ball was absent. I asked several people until one of them told me that he had seen her laid down by the road side. I realized immediately the event and I would had wanted to return back in time and change the events that lead to this tragedy, but unfortunately that can not be done.

Dogs make tremendous close relations with their owners and,many times,they try to communicate their wantings with animal talk that we prefer to ignore. Like usual, Little Cotton Ball and Kenia accompanied me to the bus stop, two miles from my place. When the bus stopped Little Cotton Ball was standing close to me trying to persuade me from leaving the place.

Kenia disappeared from my life one day when I got home after having been absent for three days. She was not there. I spected her to return but as the days passed, I did not notice signs of her whereabouts.

I had a bad feeling of some kind of tragedy. A few meters from us laid a nest of vipers. Once, we ran into a rattlesnake. I searched the place but found no traces of Kenia.

When Dogs Die, They go to Heaven


Good Vibrations from Pet Dogs

All I received from my pet dogs was good vibrations, different from what you could obtain from other sources such human relations or even food. Being around dogs and talking to them and sensing that they understand or try to understand you is very stimulating. Every time I got absent from my campng site, which at most was two days, I felt that I needed to see them promptly.

Mi Miñiño


One Important Life Lesson

I Heard a big dog snarling at something in between the bushes. When I approached, I saw a terrorized Kitty trying to defend himself from the big dog. I wrapped the Little kitty on my jacket and took it home where I fed him until about three months. At that time, one day while returning home, I noticed that my kitty was wounded on its arm. I took it to the veterinary on that rural área where they could not do anything for my kitty. The same day and after seeing that my kitty was getting worse, I paked my belongings and both of us made a one hour trip to the city, where my kitty was given medical attention at an animal hospital and met her new owner, an animal lover, who has taken care of my kitty ever since.

One important lesson I learned from this series of events is that it is better not to have pets if you are not going to take care of them like you would with someone of your own species. Pets can develop feelings for their owners and a person can feel deeply attached to pets to the extent that knowing that a pet is suffering can bring about real human pain.


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