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Indian Ringneck Parrot, Parakeet

Updated on August 21, 2010

Indian ringneck parrots are beautiful and their ability to talk and mimic human speech is amazing! Like all parrots, ringnecks are no different when it comes to their social behavior and interaction between humans or between other birds. They will whistle a song for you, maybe dance a little, or fly off to the bookshelf and start making a mess!

Parrots of all shapes and sizes need at least 5 or more hours of interaction everyday! That's right! The reason for this is because wild parrots flock together and spend 5 hours a day flying and foraging for food, and another 5 hours chatting and chirping with fellow members of the flock. When they don't have all this time to interact because they are locked up in a cage all day, parrots become fussy and the worst part is, if you intend to keep one but don't play with them everyday, they will begin plucking all their rainbow feathers off their bodies.

Oh but this particular parrot, the Indian ringneck, has an array of colors that come together in a symphony of blue, teal, green, opal, topaz, and yellow. These are some beautiful birds and thank goodness I can go out in my backyard and catch a baby! Well, not literally in my backyard, I meant to say in a tree where I know they nest!

Oh I can't wait to get my very own parrot. I'm going to teach him how to dance and how to say every word from the web site! Cheers to my future pet, an Indian ringneck parrot!  He can prune my hair while I'm working on my writing projects at the computer.


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