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I love cats, but

Updated on April 4, 2013

Feeding the cats

Some people are dog people and some are cat people. We like both but because

we go out of town a lot on the week-end, we decided to stick with cats. Cats can

fend for themselves for a few days when they are use to being kept outside.

We live outside of the city limits of Denham Springs and not in a subdivision.

This allowed us to let the cats we had stay outside as there was not a lot of traffic

near our house. We live on the corner of a state highway and a parish road and as

the years went by the traffic increased. We had one or two cats for a couple of

years and then it happened. One summer there was an epidemic of people dropping

off their cats at that intersection near our house. Feeling sorry for the loud

meowing cats, we gave the homeless little beggars a little food. The cats were no

longer homeless; they adopted us to be their food provider and would not go away.

Feeding an extra cat or two was no problem. Every so often another cat was

added to the food bowl. One day I went to feed the cats and counted them-there

were twelve of them. We had black cats, gray cats, yellow cats and even a calico

one. My wife said something has to be done about all the cats. They sleep on the

vehicles and leave their muddy paw prints all over them, not to mention the cost of

the cat food. Most of the cats would not let you pet them. You could get close to

them and sometime some of them would let you touch them, but that was all. How

could I catch the cats and haul them to the animal shelter?

I had a plan. I borrowed a large wire dog kennel from a friend. I opened the

door and place it where I feed the cats. I placed the cat food at the door for a week.

They paid no attention to the kennel. The next week I placed the food a little on the

inside of the kennel, no problem. The next week in the middle of the kennel. The

cats were going in there and getting their food. The next week I placed it in the

back of the kennel. After a few days of feeding them regular cat food in the back of

the kennel, I put some tuna fish in the food. That really got their attention. While

they were busy eating I eased up and very quietly shut the door. There were eight

cats in it. I grabbed the handle and lifted it up to put it in the back of my pick-up

truck. You would have thought someone in cat language yelled "bomb". The cats

exploded toward the outside of the kennel in an effort to get out. I managed to hold

on to the moving kennel and load it into the back of my pick-up.

I got into the truck and started to the animal shelter. I was about a half mile

away from the house when I looked into the rearview mirror. I saw nothing but

cats bailing out of the truck. Somehow the door latch on kennel came loose. I

found a place to turn around and headed back home expecting to see dead cats all

along the road. But I didn't see any dead cats at all.

It was about a week later when the last of the cats returned home for another

free meal. I put the kennel out again but not one cat would go near it, so I continue

to fee the free loading cats.


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    • DeBacco profile image

      DeBacco 5 years ago from Louisiana

      Thanks for the comment. I just found out about Hubpages last night. I will add short stories every couple weeks or so. I am retired so I have time to wright.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      Wonderful and voted up.I now look forward to so many more to come.

      Enjoy your day.