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ID Creator Service Dog ID Creation Review

Updated on February 1, 2016
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As a reviewer I was recently approached by ID Creator to receive a service dog ID card for free and review it for them. For those that don't know how this process works it basically means I got the item for free with the agreement that I would review the product honestly.

How to create a service dog ID card

ID Creator

In the above video I walk you through the process of creating a service dog ID card on ID creator. The process itself was very simple. My only problem is that the process does not show you where the information you provide will appear on the card. This one thing would stop me from spending money to get one of ID Creator's ID cards. As I personally experienced problems with my service dog ID card due to this issue. If you take a look at the picture to the right you will see the sample picture shown on ID creator of what a service dog ID card from them will look like.

My Service Dog ID Card

Now the one and only problem I have with this service dog ID card is the fact that it was not supposed to be a service dog ID card instead it was supposed to be an emotional support ID card for my dog. However due to the issue I mentioned up top on the ID card creator not having an updating photo of the final product I had no idea that the words that I was typing were going to show up in an area different from what I imagined. I though that since the site was asking for what type of service animal I had that that would show up across the top of the card instead emotional support shows up in small letters in the middle of the card.

Now on to the positive. The card is made from a sturdy material it feels just like my driver's license. The back of the card has a break down of all the laws and regulations that a service animal owner should be aware of. The card came rather quickly once it was ordered, in less than two weeks.

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