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Ibizan Hound

Updated on May 31, 2016

Think i it!

“If your dog does not like someone, do the same.”

Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is a breed that does not appear much in dog shows in Spain. However it is a beautiful dog with an elegant and spectacular drive and when well treated and well trained, surprises people with his skills in shows canines. The Ibizan has more value in other countries than in Spain and it is not unusual to see them in major finals, which is unthinkable in Spain.
Many factors contributed to this situation, such as lack of interest by hunters in beauty contests, the indolence of organizations canine officers and inactivity breed club for many years.
The fact that few judges have a clear sense of how the Ibizan should be structured such dogs resulted in the absence of exposures espanholas.Os puppies and young people need a little more exercise than other breeds and the fact that race is very active athletic and should not be overlooked. Not recommended for sedentary owners or who live in small spaces. It is also an independent and intelligent dog that needs a little more control than other breeds more submissive. For comparison, it has the same provision of a German Shepherd.
Like other Greyhound is a dog very clean, not too late, is very fond of their owners and aloof with strangers. Extremely curious and watchful, seems to "stick their noses" in everything that you are not familiar. His absolute lack of aggressiveness makes it great for families with children.
The Ibizan Hound is not a watchdog. He will be the first to warn you that there is a stranger in the house but rarely attack the invader.
The Ibizans were bred to hunt in difficult areas, so they have a perfect physical control, leaping with great agility and extremely loud, without the need to pick up momentum, making them great for agility and coursing. In Norway and Sweden due to their good sense are used as rescue dogs, and can find movements, noises or the voice of a person over long distances (4 km or more) using only the hearing.
They can hear much better than us and with his speed, make them suitable for hunting in the "dead of night." The Ibizan Hound can be found with two types of hair: the hair hard and short hair. Spain is strictly prohibited exemplary cross between these types. Are created almost as independent breeds.
A variety of short hair is stronger and heavier, but both have the same proportions and angles. The Ibizan hair is not as hard as the temperamental short hair, more quiet, rational and easy to train, in fact he thinks first and acts later. In contrast, short-haired dogs act before thinking and sometimes frightened of what happens, but this different behavior is seen only outside the home, at work or play, in fact inside the house, both are very quiet and loving and adorable pets.


There is a huge wasteland as a wide belt that runs from the Atlantic to the China Sea, including the deserts of Sahara, Arabia, Central Asia and the Gobi. In this extensive area appeared the first types of Greyhounds. Perhaps the earliest evidence was found in a cave painting from Tassili-n-Ajier (there are 6000 BC), depicting a hunter in company with one type of Greyhound's ears pricked.
In the year 3400 BC in ancient Egypt, the tomb of Emaki, the first dynasty pharaoh contained several vases with scenes of hunting the antelope on the plains of the Nile, with dogs similar to the Ibizan Hound. The dynasties following reasons for the continued hunt.
Anubis, the God of Death appears depicted with the head of a dog similar to the Ibizan Hound, the young pharaoh's tomb Tutankamom, located in the Valley of the Kings. A bronze statue of Celtic art dating from the first century BC found in Merida (Spain), and represents a hunter chasing a wild boar with a Greyhound. In some places in Africa there are still wild dogs with temperament and movement that resemble the style hunter Ibizan Hound, which shows that it is a primitive breed that still retains its hunting instinct.
The type of dog represented on these vases, paintings and sculptures, seems to be the focal point of a group of similar dogs, scattered islands of the western Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.
But culture is not clear that this race has spread, or when. Maybe it was browsers Phoenicians or Carthaginians, or possibly the Romans. Anyway, it happened hundreds of years ago, and this influence formed the race as we know it today. This is the circumstance that makes it different from other races with the same lineage and origin. The Ibizan Hound in its current form is so similar to the Egyptian paintings in 1958 an Egyptian delegation was the Balearic Islands to collect samples, reintroduce them in their homeland.


Daily maintenance of Ibizans is no problem. They are unpretentious
in relation to their nutrition. One should be careful that the puppy will not grow too fast, he should be fed sparingly until it grows.
The varieties of short hair and hard not require special care for the hair, just a weekly brushing. The best thing for them after a race or workout is massage them with a warm towel and damp. Prevents hardening of muscles, clean coat and they love it.
It is a race very healthy and strong. Today are not found signs of genetic problems like some modern breeds. They are also immune to acquire common diseases. Researchers at the University of Barcelona believe the Ibizan Hound is the only race in the world to be immune to Leishmaniasis.
There is a great contrast between adults and puppies, the puppies are very sensitive to the age of six weeks.
The litters are very large, reaching up to 14 pups. Ibizan Females are good mothers, but to breastfeed and care for many babies need help. When they reach 8 to 9 weeks are ready for delivery to their new owners. They must manage their voracious hunger as the pups grow. The Ibizan takes to develop, especially males, who need up to three years to have the last appearance of an adult dog.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - bright and agile, chasing its prey quickly, especially when in packs. Head truncated cone, compact stem longer than tall.

Proportions - the distance from the tip of the snout to the eyes is equal to the eye to occiput.

TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR - (standard does not comment).


SKIN - stretched well established in the body, reddish pigment, but may be a different color where the coat color differs.
HAIR - smooth, long rough. The hair can not be silky smooth, but strongly shiny.
The roughness must be rigid in very dense, slightly shorter on the head and ears and somewhat longer in the back of thighs and ventral surface of the tail. The beard is highly valued. Long hairs are softer and must have at least 5 cm. The head is very densely coated.
COLOR - preference is for white and red, or entirely white or red. Fawn copies are allowed, provided that it is an exceptionally good copy, in smooth coats, however this color is not allowed.
SIZE - Height at withers: males - 25.98 to 28.35 inches.
females: 23.62 to 26.38 inches.
Dogs that have passed, but the next steps can be accepted, if well proportioned.
- Length: (default not comment).
- Weight: (standard not comment).
HEAD - Long and thin, overall, looks like a truncated cone near the base, completely dry, but for small grating in the trunk.
Skull - flat and long (dolichocephalic). Prominent occiput.

The Hunter

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Hunters Born


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