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If There Were More Donkeys, Our World Would Be Much Better

Updated on June 4, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Time To Enjoy Our Friends, The Donkeys

For Us Uneducated, Just What Is

a donkey or ass (Equus africanus asinus)? A donkey is a mammal of the Equidae family. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass, E. africanus. The donkey has ben thought of as a working animal for at least 5000 years. Other wild asses in different parts of the world thriving and contributing a positive input to their environment.

The name 'donkey' is correct for the tamed animal. It is the tame animal that people use for transportation and other work, such as pulling a carriage or plowing a field. Other times a donkey may be used in plowing a field or helping to harvest certain fields of harvest.

The child of a female horse and a male donkey is called a mule. The child of a female donkey and a male horse is called a jinny. Mules are more common, and have been used for transportation. Still though, the donkey and mule are both indigenous to America and many nations across Europe.

Isn't This a Cute Animal?
Isn't This a Cute Animal? | Source

Going Back Over 2000 Years

can you imagine how life would have been "if" the donkey had not been around the City of Bethlehem? Think about that for a moment. You know that the lowly-donkey was how the Virgin Mary was carried to the manger, not a Yellow Cab. So what would have been the solution? Maybe Joseph, Mary's husband, could have sent for a mule, but not just any mule, since the mule would be totally-responsible for transporting the Mother of God to His place of birth, a huge, muscular mule with endurance to spare. Right off, there is a glitch. Everyone knows that donkey's always beat mules in the area of endurance.

But in the case of "Silver," the snow-white stallion rode by none other than The Lone Ranger, the beautiful horse was bred for speed, whereas donkeys were bred for patience, enduring the heaviest load and never complaining. Back to the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and her donkey, little is said about the couple when they entered Bethlehem and found that the inn that they thought would be ideal to stay, was booked solid, so they stayed in the manger, and I would assume that her donkey, more loyal than any mule, stayed with her until Jesus was born into earth. And yet, the lowly-donkey showed his respect by bowing to Jesus, the ultimate gesture that any animal could make.

When Jesus grew into a man, I read once in the New Testament where He rode into a village where the villagers all spread palm leaves to cover the ground as the donkey brought Him to a place where He was ministering. And still . . .the lowly-donkey did not complain about the dessert-like heat that was common in Jesus' days. I can assure you that if Jesus had rode a mule or horse, they both would have bucked and complained about their living burden, the Son of God, but just lowly-donkey just kept his mouth shut: a sign of wisdom. And make no mistake. Donkeys ARE probably the wisest of animals of this genre.

The Donkey Is Arguably The Most-Loyal Animal In The World.
The Donkey Is Arguably The Most-Loyal Animal In The World. | Source

Things That a Donkey Is Not:

  • The donkey is NOT a speedster, so do not invest in one of these because their forte is not running like a horse in the Kentucky Derby, but they can outlast any famous horse ever to run in the muddy soup of The Derby.
  • The donkey is NOT the most-attractive of animals, but children from all over the world, love to play with them and they love it. I know that God made all things, including th lowly-donkey, but to other donkeys, they might just be very cute.
  • The donkey is NOT easily-persuaded to throw in to whatever other animals and humans are planning. Donkeys had rather sit and think things though than move without thinking then they make a fool out of themselves. This is why a donkey is stubborn and no pulling by a rope by an abusive-male will win him over.
  • The donkey IS able to communicate with other donkeys, even humans. If the caretaker of the donkey keeps him fed and watered, he will meet the caretaker at a fence and bray over and over--which is his way of thanking the good-hearted guy.

Things That a Donkey Is:

  • The donkey IS able to work in most any climate without falling down sick. Strong does not aptly-describe a donkey well, but it is the best adjective that is available.
  • The donkey IS able to show his friendliness to human beings as well as other donkeys, mules, and horses. Donkeys are a non-discrimination animal and NOT a bigot for sure.
  • The Donkey IS not an animal who lives to eat. Watch the feeding ritual sometime. The donkey will eat just enough to satisfy himself and not become a glutton for corn.
  • The Donkey IS able to keep quite even with a chaotic-riot going on around him. Donkeys are NOT one to pry into another donkey's business.

Donkeys Can Pull Wagons, Plow Fields, And Be Able To Love Children.
Donkeys Can Pull Wagons, Plow Fields, And Be Able To Love Children. | Source

Things That I Know Donkeys Hate:

  • are the constant yammering and yelling by people who have never been close to the majestic animals as the donkey. Because even the lowest-donkey have feelings.
  • Having a brand of a tattoo placed on their bodies by greedy animal owners who have the lowest I.Q. as to think that “this” makes them (the greedy animal owners) look cool.
  • Having to be pulled here and there, because even a lowly-donkey knows the difference between a sensible trip and a useless one.
  • A donkey does NOT hate, but despises anyone, young or old, who has little enough sense as to climb onto the back of a donkey so their parents can snap their photo then have the poor donkey to run like a horse. And if the donkey should throw a bratty kid to the ground, GOOD.

'I'll Be Braying For You!"
'I'll Be Braying For You!" | Source

Closing To This Lecture

about my good friend, the donkey. I realize that I haven’t covered all of the ground about donkeys, but I think that I have covered enough so you can say that you enjoyed my piece about donkeys.

At first, I started to talk about Burro’s, but I was afraid that this might cause jealousy among our donkey friends.

June 3, 2019_______________________________________________________

Still curious about donkeys, just check-out these sites:

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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