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If a Dog Could Talk - Reality

Updated on June 25, 2011

If a dog could talk, imagine what it would be like. He could tell you what he wants to eat on a particular day, what ails him when he gets sick, what he doesn't like about going to the grooming salon and how come he's not allowed to sleep in your bed. You could save a lot of vet bills if only your dog could tell you what's wrong with him when he doesn't feel well. You wouldn't need to rush him to the doctors and never again would you be wasting your money on food he just walks away from. He could tell you what you should be putting down on your shopping list for him and what treats he prefers over those green things he absolutely gags on. Bathroom times would never be an issue again because your dog could simply tell you that he had to go. No more accidents in the house.

A dog could fall into a discussion with you on matters like, what t.v. shows he prefers and how come he can't watch the 'Dog Whisperer' when you would rather watch the local news. Your dog could tell you why he hates wearing those stupid sweaters you buy him for Christmas and what colors really suit him better - colors that totally bring out his big, brown eyes. Finally, he gets to tell you what hats give him that 'cool' look instead of 'loser of the year' award. You would never have to waste your time or money again on stuff your dog just doesn't care about. Your dog could tell you how he feels about other dogs and why he just has to chase that cat or squirrel on the opposite side of the road.

When he comes up to you and looks into your eyes, you can ask him what's wrong and he could tell you the problem outright without you feeling sorry for him. That would make things a lot easier, don't you think?

But what if a dog could really talk? Imagine sitting at home having a real family discussion with your pooch. You could have open and heated head to head debates on what it feels like to be a dog rather than human and what his feelings are towards you. He might have some serious issues about you that he'd like to get off his chest. But if a dog could talk, would he really, truly remain as man's best friend?
The arguments arising would only grow in scope like, "why can't I have kids of my own and what's with this leash thing? How would you like it if I strangled you with a rope around your neck?" "I think it's time you wore this Shock thing instead of me , buddy!"

It would only go on and on. Pretty soon, Fido, with the language thing now a reality, may just walk out and never come home.

No, it wouldn't be too much fun if a dog could talk. There are simply too many differences between human and animal. I thinks it's better just the way it is.
Your dogs love is unconditional and forever. Why would anyone want to mess with that?

The video below shows you what kind of things you'll only be getting yourself into if 'A dog could Talk'.


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