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I'm A Dog Enabler?

Updated on February 27, 2013
I’m spoiled and I know it— thankfully my owners are the biggest enablers of all.
I’m spoiled and I know it— thankfully my owners are the biggest enablers of all.

Do you whisper at your dog because you don’t need to raise your voice to internally communicate, because your dog listens so well why talk at all?

Or do you whisper because you are a wimp, because your dog rules your house with an iron sword?

Are you an enabler?

1. Your Dog Rules the Bed

At my house, me and my 2 sister dogs have full territory of the bed. There was a time when I couldn’t jump up on the bed, yes I’m a large Golden but it’s a tall bed! Anyways, once I figured out how to get up on the bed, I was smitten! If mom or dad gets up for a pee in the middle of the night, I welcome their spot like it’s my very own!

2. You Cook for Your Dog & Not Yourself

It happens all the time, mom and dad get take out food but us dogs get a home cooked meal—turkey fresh out of the crock pot, veggies and yogurt mixed in all nice…. excuse me while I drool….

3. You End Every Command like a Question

We know when “no” means no, and sometimes… the way you humans say it, it doesn’t sound very definite at all. If you’re not sure, we can’t be either! That’s how I got away with eating an entire loaf of bread the other day actually….

4. Your Dog Barks at You

This doesn’t work on my parents—but it sure does work on my human-sister’s boyfriend! We bark and bark at him until he throws the ball for us, or better yet scratches just behind our ears.

5. We Take Your Food if You Turn Your back

If you don’t act like the authority, we are going to treat you as an equal player in the pack. If a dog turns his back on a perfectly delectable meal, it’s fair game for all pack members—that includes me, and your meatball sandwich!

6. Your Dog is Walking You

Tug all you want, when we want to lead we are going to lead! That is if we are allowed to…. I can pass a dog and owner and instantly know who is the pack leader, more often than not; it’s the little pouch.

7. You Feel Guilty For Not Sharing Food With Us

Perhaps I’m dreaming, but I swear I’ve seen guilt surface a humans’ face before--- all I have to do is stare at them while they eat, make my sad face with the drool hanging down in threads, and you humans seem to cave right in! It sure is good to be a dog!

8. You Apologize for Putting Us Outside

My mom says “sorry” with a scrunched face before putting me outside—yet I have NO IDEA why!!! Stop feeling bad for leaving us outside, we are dogs for crying out loud, if we don’t like the outdoors we need to learn to!


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    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Hi Becky.

      This is a nice hub, and doesn't it all sound so true.

      Our dog was allowed on the balcony livingroom, hallway and the bathroom, but only after he'd been out in bad weather where he would be washed and cleaned.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • Clucy profile image

      Kristin Tamke 4 years ago from Frederick, MD

      Good hub..speaks from the Dog's point of view. Reinforcing if a dog is not given clear rules, and the human is not the one in charge...

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A great hub and I look forward to many more.


    • Mathi Vathani profile image

      Mathivathani Sakthivel 4 years ago from brisbane

      Love this hub.....Thanks for sharing

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